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S.C. post offices to close earlier on tax day

...drop a tax return in a collection box on tax day... without knowing if the collection deadline has passed," postal spokesman Harry Spratlin said. The hours are being cut because most people now file returns electronically, especially in...
Across South Carolina

...workers to the hospital. Employees noticed a foul-smelling liquid coming from the package at about 8 a.m., postal spokesman Harry Spratlin said. Hazardous materials crews evacuated the building and the Department of Health and Environmental...
Armstrong getting ready to defend Tour de France title

...about poor performances, or disappointing performances, than you do about successful or surprising ones." US Postal spokesman Jogi Muller said Armstrong was riding on a new, lighter bike, but refused to give details - a common tactic in...
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Odds and ends

...suspended indefinitely because of someone's loose dog. "When the dog is out, the mail can't be delivered," Omaha postal spokesman Roger Humphries said. "Once it has been deemed safe, we will resume delivery." The customers whose mail has...
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Secret security messages on stamps can be decoded

...measure, but we knew that collectors of all kinds would enjoy it as an interesting design element as well," said postal spokesman Barry Ziehl. You normally can't see the hidden image, but the post office is selling decoders to interested people...
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Internal audit shows Postal Service overspent ad budget by $90 million

...percent in a month-to-month comparison, the Post said. "No one can argue with the success of those ads," postal spokesman Roy Betts told the newspaper. But because of the ads, according to Mr. Betts, Federal Express has brought a lawsuit...