Residents join crime-fighting posse

...part of a group called the Sheriff's Posse, and their numbers are growing. This...Keaton serves as chairman of the Sheriff's Posse, which has gained status as an official...as possible." More specifically, the Posse performs several functions - conducting...

Cell phone posse

...he hadn't been followed by several angry drivers who used their cell phones to keep in touch with police. The cell-phone posse directed Richmond County deputies to the residence of Ralph Steven Whitfield, 35, who allegedly tried to hide the Dodge in...

In honor of Halloween, Teen Board members reviewed iconic scary movies.

...come to scary movies. The Exorcist is the god of them. The movie follows a priest and his encounter with Lucifer. The devil posses young Regan MacNeil. Complete with levitating beds, harsh language, vivid images, evil demons and holy water, The Exorcist...

Sheriff soliciting ideas

...Buchanan has successfully used a posse for more than three years now...Arizona, the Yavapai County Posse holds regular meetings, publishes...something else to do. "They have posses for everything -- an airplane posse, a jeep posse, a horse posse...

Social Media: Why You Want to Keep It Clean

...who cut you off on Broad Street.Because you're connected to "friends," everybody knows your name. This is your online posse - your select group of amigos to whom you can tell anything. And the beauty of it is your virtual hangout never closes. Awake...

Augusta fights spread of gangs

...allegiance to the Weaver Height Pimps. Or the Sunset Posse. Or 9th Ward. Augusta's gangs, for years just...Augusta crews go by localized names such as Gilbert Manor Posse, Harrisburg Posse, Wood Valley Crew, Goshen Retreat Boys and Third...

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Cell-phone usage a dangerous distraction for drivers

...your editorial on April 10, "Cell-phone posse." Yes, we are out to prove that cell phone...several angry drivers - a self-appointed posse - had gotten involved in another accident. If this posse had just called the police and reported the...

Running group bound for California

The members of Portia's Posse had better fill up their Thanksgiving plates today. Maybe even two...begins at 7:30 a.m. Sunday, which is quite a departure from the posse's usual 5:30 a.m. start time. "That is a late start for us...

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Supports Administrator Randy Oliver

Richmond County citizens take note: The good ol' boy posse is riding again! Last Sundays' Chronicle carried the news that several commissioners, the sheriff, a judge and numerous, unnamed...

Census 'bus' visits Augusta

It's an office on wheels, a rolling billboard and part of a 12-strong public awareness posse. And the 28-foot long Census 2000 Road Tour Vehicle arrived in Augusta on Wednesday, bearing thousands of promotional items...

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