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200,000 feared dead in Haiti

...the U.S. military for slowing down aid deliveries, saying the American units that took charge of the small Port-au-Prince airport last week gave priority to U.S. military flights. Doctors Without Borders said Monday its specialists were...
Hunger and hope, thirst and frenzy grip Haiti

...reserves, but, he said, "in a week, I don't know." Aid delivery was still bogged down by congestion at the Port-au-Prince airport, quake damage at the seaport, poor roads and the fear of looters and robbers. The problems at the overloaded...
Brazil routs Haiti

...scoring a goal," Silva, popularly known as "Lula," said after meeting troops at a compound next to the Port-au-Prince airport where he planted Brazil's national tree - the pau-brasil, or pernambuco. Silva said it was the first time...
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Haiti food aid falls short already

...also delayed aid -- blocked and congested roads, shortages of trucks, a crippled seaport and an overloaded Port-au-Prince airport."The unblocking of the logistical bottlenecks is an absolute priority," the European Commission said Wednesday...