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Added Hankook cost is small

South Korean polyester maker Hankook Synthetics Inc. won millions of dollars in concessions for its Augusta plant, but government officials say the added...
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Fund-raisers challenged would be purchased by Latrobe, Pa.-based Kennametal Inc., also a publicly traded company. Korea-based polyester maker Hankook Synthetics announced Friday it would bring 500 jobs initially to Augusta by January 2000. Fund-raisers...
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Company shedding protection

Martin Color-Fi, the Edgefield, S.C.-based polyester maker that filed for bankruptcy last year, may emerge from debt protection early next year, company president Stephen A. Zagorski...
New governor will be state's CEO help fund local facilities in fast-growing districts. And city officials in Augusta could as well when Korean polyester maker Hankook announced plans for a new plant that will employ 1,800 people. "The governor really is the CEO of the...
Council targets leadership void

...incentive package offered to Hankook Synthetics Inc. through a report in The Augusta Chronicle. The South Korean polyester maker announced in October it would build a $1.2 billion plant in Augusta, but Mr. Osteen said he knew little of the...
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Plastics familiar to area

A day after a Korean polyester maker reported its consideration of Augusta and two other cities for a factory site, a plastics plant already in the area announced...
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