Aiken Horse Park breaks ground, dedicates main field to horseman Bruce Duchossois

...While there are other horse show facilities in and around Aiken, the proximity to the Aiken Training Track and the city's main polo fields is a bonus."I think Bruce always saw it coming back to the steeplechase field," Charles said.Wetzel said the spring...

Pupils try to resume routine

...appeared unusually barren. Several desks were noticeably vacant, and most of the pupils replaced their traditional school logo polos with T-shirts and sweat shirts. School was back in session at the public charter school, one of four public schools in Aiken...

Metro | Midland Valley High School
Local Trend Setter: Jeff McKeon

...Describe your style."Polos!I like to wear button-up polos,shorts,khakis,chacos...Dillards, Ralph Lauren Polo outlet and Awol.I like...mom has dressed me in polo since i was born.I...so i kept wearing my polos.I like it when people...

Tourney inspires attention-getting fashion | The Masters 2012

...attention-getting fashion Wednesday, April 05, 2006 By Kamille Bostick Staff Writer In the sea of khaki shorts and primary-colored polos, there is little doubt that fashion at the Masters Tournament comes second to comfort. Yet among the casual cuts of cloth...

Old Navy Deals

Through Aug. 5, Old Navy customers can get children's khakis for $10 and polos for $5. Backpacks are also $9.You can also find great prices on denim through Aug. 19. Children's basic denim is $10 and adult basic denim is $15.

Save on School Uniforms

...is also useful for children who don't attend a school with a dress code because many school uniforms are simply khakis and polos. For more information, visit www.frenchtoast.com. Parents can save with French Toast's Refer-A-Friend program...

Get Second Suit for $77 at Jos. A. Bank

...177, they will get a second suit for only $77. The second suit must be of equal or lesser value. Jos. A. Bank also has a sale on traveler dress shirts, long-sleeve sportshirts, traveler short-sleeve polos, sportshirts and shorts.

What Will The Men In Your Life Be Wearing?

...young man's knees may be on its way out. The 80's have resurfaced in men's fashions also, with bright colors and striped polos in almost every store. Plaid, a staple of the 80's, is also in style, mainly in bermuda shorts. I think the plaid bermuda...


...in the 1976 Mon treal Olympics. Son Bruk was a beach volleyball player, and daughter Heather captained the U.S. women's polo team.College BasketballJags top 100 in exhibition gameDevonte Thomas scored 31 points, including nine 3-pointers, and Georgia...

Pizza Hut's revamp: Curry crusts, balsamic drizzle

...tweaked so that it's white against a swirling red circle. And worker uniforms will switch to jeans and T-shirt, rather than a polo shirt with black pants."It's a signal to America there's a big change at Pizza Hut," Walsh said.