Study: Toxic chemicals in diesel exhausts pose cancer risk

...coalition of state and local air pollution control agencies. The state officials...group, which represents state pollution control officials, conducted the analysis...Management District, the air pollution control agency in the Los Angeles area...

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Lawsuit reaches decision

...in favor of Georgia Environmental Organization Inc., which argued that discharge from the J.B. Messerly Water Pollution Control Plant had killed fish, darkened the water of Butler Creek and the Savannah River and left the river with foul odors...

State agency fines Barnwell

...environmental agency said the city had violated the Pollution Control Act and Water Pollution Control Permits Regulation. "This had nothing to...Barnwell was fined $1,200 for violating state pollution control regulations by burning materials on his land...

After decades, dirty power plant to get clean

...setting a benchmark for air pollution control that other coal plants should...to install $750 million in pollution control equipment by 2016 that will...because it failed to install pollution control technology in the 1990s when...

PSC staff calls for no electricity rate hike

...for the average residential customer's monthly bill starting in January. It says the boost is needed to pay for pollution-control equipment, maintenance and expansion.The expert testimony came in the second round of hearings on the request...

Georgia Power agrees to smaller rate increase

...executives in their official filing.The company executives said the increase was needed to keep up with growth and pollution-control requirements.Consumer groups and individuals testified before the commission against the rate increase, but the...

Answers to pollution control in the night air sought

WORCESTER, Mass. -- It hangs in the daytime sky like a dirty curtain filtering sunlight into a toxic gray haze, choking throats and burning eyes.

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Cleaner cars or cleaner gasoline?

...argue, it gunks up expensive pollution-control devices being put into the...cars with a new generation of pollution-control equipment. The EPA says the...say their research shows the pollution-control equipment, while affected...

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Richmond gets state loan for sewer lines

...23,530,950 low-interest loan today that will finance the extension of sewer lines from the Messerly Water Pollution Control plant to a trunk line along Butler Creek.The financing through the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority's...

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DSM Chemicals agrees to pay $800,000 in emissions case

...company has also agreed to undertake three "environmental improvement projects" and invest $1.2 million on new pollution-control equipment, according to a consent order with Georgia's Environmental Protection Division in which DSM admits...