Jason Day hopeful of defending title at Torrey Pines

...on the work."It's certainly disappointing for me, but I understand the politics of it all," he said Wednesday. "Actually, I don't understand the politics of it all. It makes no sense."As for his game? He has a new coach, and...

Jindal says he is dropping out of 2016 race for president

...Anderson. "It's not easy. He's a fighter and his instinct is to never give up, but also you have to be realistic in politics."Tamara Scott, a national GOP committeewoman from Iowa, said the response was strong when Jindal spoke to crowds there...

A new approach

...the pollsters how we feel for such a long time? A new poll this week says a whopping 85 percent of Americans believe we're on the wrong track!How can anyone conclude that politics as usual will help?

Chief Justice John Roberts unleashes Orwellian rhetoric in his decisions

...out what was in it!In sum, this overwhelmingly suggests that to save the act, Roberts deemed it essential to rewrite it. Politics raised its head, not the rule of law.Further, one of the important reasons for the frantic administrative implementation...

Battle over sales tax plays out online

Augusta has entered the digital age in politics with Secure Au gusta's Future, Say No to SPLOST Augusta, One Tax Over the Line and iloveaug.org.E-mails are asking people...

Civil rights activist Julian Bond dead at 75

...to start a student protest group, through a long career in politics and his leadership of the NAACP almost four decades later...After leading the NAACP, Bond stayed active in Democratic politics. He made regular appearances on the lecture circuit and on...

Religion, politics often mix

Religion and politics mix well in American freedom. They...because the church mixed religion with politics.Patriot preachers such as Baptist Tidance...captured the spirit of mixing religion with politics when he was arrested and jailed in Birmingham...

Felony, not politics behind board change, Lockett says

...chairman's resignation last week "because of politics" but because of a felony conviction...nature and actions on the board."Had politics not been involved, nobody would have...stating his resignation "has to do with politics.""I just didn't want to put the...

When politics are slow, gift shopping I will go

The good news is it was a slow week for local politics. The bad news is I'm not writing about local politics this week.But there's other good news and bad news.The other good news is I did some Christmas shopping before getting sick a week...

2 new memoirs make waves in politics

NEW YORK - Two prominent women in politics, New Yorker Kirsten Gillibrand, who replaced Hillary Clinton in the U.S. Senate, and Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy...