People should check government's power by better preserving liberty

...governmental power, would decrease liberty and increase the chances of tyranny.What does this have to do with contemporary politics?First, when one branch of government checks the power of another branch, it is doing its job; and this inaction is important...

Sylvia Cooper | The Augusta Chronicle

...It will be a brand new day at City Hall. The good news is it was a slow week for local politics. The bad news is I'm not writing about local politics this week. Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014 I got up and out of my sickbed so I could write...

Obama goals unrealistic

...Unfortunately, Celebrity-in-Chief Obama has no competence in military strategy and leadership or international power politics. As a result, he receives no respect from our enemies or allies. Ask Vladimir Putin and the Ukrainians.The other campaign...

Frantom for District 7

...has made his face one of the most familiar in town.Talking with Harris is like thumbing through an encyclopedia of Augusta politics. He knows the issues and the players, and he is very astute.Pittman has been engaged in civic affairs for decades. With...

GOP lawmakers accuse Federal Reserve chief of political bias

...said a review of her meeting calendars painted a "pretty damning picture that the Fed is immersed and guided by partisan politics."Yellen, who was nominated by Presi dent Obama, rejected those suggestions and staunchly defended the Fed's independence...

Vaccines are unavoidably political

The letter is a response to the Feb. 11 letter to the editor "Separate politics, measles."First, vaccinations have been a political issue since 1798 when the smallpox vaccine was introduced, and it remains...

Giuliani's words spot-on

...refusal to embrace the success of those who, through their efforts to achieve, rose in the ranks of business, military and politics. Had he done so, it would have provided a laudable legacy.His criticism of America on the international scene has removed...

Rants & Raves

...Democrats of today by wrongfully equating them with past Democrats or even Re publicans. History is one thing, but current politics are another. Go Democrats!AC, YOU ALL DID a great listing of amounts of mayoral proclamations by Deke. Can you all get...

Lawmakers challenge history teaching

...Creek, is a former school-board member who has a child in AP history now."It seems imbued with leftist, identity-group politics," said Dudgeon, vice chairman of the House Education Committee.Sen. Fran Millar, R-Atlanta, is a former Senate Education...

Cannabis oil bill clears hurdle in Georgia House

...the apple," he said. "There are other diagnoses that could be added, like autism and Tourette's syndrome. But this is politics, and we have to keep it limited. And no matter what legislation we pass, somebody is going to oppose it."