Ramblin' Rhodes: Former senator's love of music will be remembered

...Watkins, who died in 1987, hated misuse of public money and politicians with less-than-noble schemes to make themselves profit...the background as an anonymous news source even though many politicians knew Watkins most likely was spilling the beans about them...

Rants & Raves

...against the law. Police are currently giving tickets for this, thank goodness. The law reads "keep right except to pass." POLITICIANS ALWAYS want more money. This time it's "state money to secure FEDERAL grants." How absurd can things get? State pols...

Former state legislator Joey Brush dies in motorcycle wreck

...in a motorcycle accident Thursday morning, shocking and saddening friends and colleagues who remembered him as a colorful politician and community leader.Brush, 59, died after a car pulled out in front of his Harley-Davidson motorcycle on Columbia Road...

Time for more recalls?

...unless they have funds to buy more votes.On our county level, the fixers and old money have established a dynasty of politicians who have to be driven to even bother to hold show-trial hearings on imposing taxes to be doled out to benefit the favored...

Georgia, South seeks bigger role in 2016 primaries

...March 1 date. North Carolina could end up close behind March 8.With a GOP field replete with established, well-financed politicians, the second wave of primary states appears to have a genuine say in selecting a nominee.What New Jersey Gov. Chris Chris...

SC senator filibusters abortion bill over exceptions

...public health agency.Opponents of the measure have long argued they involve wanted pregnancies that go horribly wrong and politicians should play no role in that decision."These are women who want to be mothers," Hutto said. "They've carried the...

Ga. GOP convention starts today

...chairmanship from Alex Johnson of DeKalb County, who argues on his Advance the GOP website that the party should ensure that Republican politicians "actually stand for limited government and ... will carry through on their promises."

Loss to Floyd Mayweather could be a political win for Manny Pacquiao

...that working for him.Having established himself as a local politician, the natural path for Pacquiao, 36, would be the 24-seat...out benefits and building a patronage network is a Filipino politician's staple.Pacquiao gives at least 50,000 pesos ($1...

The truth about taxes

...lies and misinformation on a near-daily basis by liberal politicians ? whose power is based on high taxation and wealth redistribution...think irrationally. It makes them easily manipulated by politicians and the media, who want outrage shifted to people who have...

100 years later, plea for kindness to animals continues

...past to move animal welfare forward.It's celebrating 100 years of Be Kind to Animals Week, which draws celebrities, politicians and everyday enthusiasts each May to raise awareness about the plight of animals.Day spas and designer duds for dogs are...