SLED releases investigative report on former speaker

...Tuesday, offering details into prosecutors' case against the politician.The 11-term House veteran pleaded guilty last month to...speaker since 2005, was among the state's most powerful politicians.According to the report, Harrell told investigators it...

Rants & Raves

IT'S PITIFUL THE way Augusta's politicians use Veterans Day as a "photo op" walking in their parades; making long introduction speeches before the TV cameras; sliding...

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...their own taxes. Suckers like that just keep voting for politicians to pick their pockets. HOW CAN A PERSON retire from something...don't remember this as one of his campaign promises. Typical politician. If he can't perform the job he was elected to do, perhaps...

Editorial: Bottom line

...course. But rarely, if ever, has the august upper body been used in such a serpentine way for the political gain of one at-risk careerist politician.What a sad, demeaning diminishment of the once-staid United States Senate.

Former Gov. Carl Sanders dies

...Senate's Armed Services Committee. But he found out the old politician had already signed off on the Fort Monmouth shift."I decided...reversed."Why would the president help a young Georgia politician who had yet to assume the governor's office?"I had supported...

Kirby: It's colder in Augusta and my body can prove it

...calling within a month ... and Florida might be here this weekend.TODAY'S JOKE: Bill Wood shares this one:A local politician was almost killed yesterday in a tragic horseback-riding accident. He fell from a horse and was nearly trampled to death...

Ex-Gov. Carl Sanders dies

...Sen. Richard Russell, the powerful Georgian who led the Senate's Armed Services Commit tee. But he found out the old politician had already signed off on the Fort Monmouth shift."I decided I wanted to see Presi dent Kennedy," Sanders said. "I...

Richmond County Board of Education, Georgia politicians discuss education during breakfast

...these upcoming issues will have on the teachers and student we take care of every day."Comptroller Gene Spires asked the politicians to not support legislation that would give revenue from public schools systems to charter or private schools. Spires handed...

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...ARE DEMOCRATS going to learn? People would rather vote for politicians who believe in themselves and their party. It never works...phone calls should stop, but I would like to know if the politicians think that the public is listening to these calls. They...

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Comments from readers:IT IS VERY SAD that politicians wasted so many resources plastering their faces all over...a joke! THE CITY OF AUGUSTA has a sign ordinance for politicians to take down their signs? One of the signs for Commissioner...