Senate majority leader asks SC's most powerful politician to step down as chamber's leader

COLUMBIA - South Carolina's most powerful politician said Tuesday that he has no intention of stepping down as the state Senate's leader, despite Senate Majority Leader Harvey Peeler's...

City Ink: Budget proposal late despite law

...what do you think about this intense new focus on governmental transparency?A: It's been my experience that when a politician wants to hide something, the first thing he says is "Let's be transparent." LUVS AUGUSTA, HATES RAIN TAX: Former Augusta...

Should America's war on poverty be abandoned and a real war begun?

Mainstream media, academics and left-wing politicians complain that after a half-century of unprecedented income and wealth redistribution policies, U.S. income distribution...

Enforce immigration law

...is lower than the replacement rate. The promises of past politicians codified into law do not work without a large base in the...accounts for people more than 112 years old. That means that politicians have allowed Social Security numbers to be reassigned...

Morris: I won't apologize for voicing objections

...forming in Geor gia and South Carolina to this project may be as wide a coalition as I've seen. It includes state and local politicians, led by Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, as well as business leaders, environmental groups and families whose property has been...

Regional commissions good and bad, audit shows

...dealing with changes in state and federal law.Every county and city is automatically a member of a commission. Often, local politicians will complain that their city or county isn't getting its money's worth for the annual dues it is required to pay the...

IOC's Bach confident in Rio security after Paris attacks

...France would serve as the flagship Olympic Stadium if Paris wins the right to host the 2024 Games."In nine years I hope the world will look differently, that the responsible politicians will have an answer to terrorism," Bach said.

Politician wins suit against 2 opponents

...Georgia's top court on Monday ruled in favor of a transgender politician who was sued by two political opponents who claimed she misled...Ms. Bruce, believed to be the state's first transgender politician, landed one of four council seats in Riverdale, Ga., in...

Politician put his family before job

...his life he was a war veteran, a newspaper journalist, a politician and an entrepreneur. But more than anything he was a father...Remsen said. "She would say, 'You're definitely a politician.'" Mr. Anderson retired in the late 1980s, although many...

Politician's gender sparks controversy

...but there's no denying that she cuts a unique figure in political circles: She's perhaps Georgia's first transgender politician. Four years after she won a seat on the Riverdale city council, she's battling a lawsuit launched by an unsuccessful opponent...