Republicans on offensive in Georgia Senate race

...Saxby Chambliss. There's also a little-known Libertarian on the Nov. 4 ballot.Both sides agree that with no sitting politician left in the race, Nunn and Perdue will clash over personalities and backgrounds as they try to capitalize on voter discontent...

Rhodes: 'Get On Up' is accurate depiction of James Brown's life

...helped him stage his successful comeback.Other story lines include Brown's political activism without actually being a politician, his sexual philandering, his own violent nature under drug abuse, his close relationship with his white manager Ben Bart...

Weasely lies frustrating

...phone calls everyone gets.Politicians have a way of not telling the truth while not really lying. For instance, when a politician says he did not vote for a pay raise for himself, he is literally telling the truth, but most of us know that Congress got...

Perdue defeats Kingston in Georgia Senate runoff

...titans. He spent more than $3 million of his own money blasting Kingston - and other primary rivals before that - as a career politician, including one ad depicting his rivals as crying babies."If we want to change Washington, then we've got to change...

Election Updates

...fiscal problems.The win marked the end of a bruising, nine-week GOP runoff in which Perdue hammered Kingston as a career politician for his 11 terms in Washington, while Kingston argued voters couldn't trust a self-proclaimed outsider to do what he...

Perdue will have impact

...short supply in Washington today.Jack Kingston is an honorable man, but after 22 years in Congress, he has become a career politician and is nowhere close to a leadership position in the Republican House. There is simply no reason to think he would become...

Ga. Senate race zeroes in on metro Atlanta, north Georgia ahead of Tuesday's GOP runoff

...among those looking to speak with the candidate and talk about his fiscal policies."I liked the fact that he's not a politician and he has high-level international business experience," said Stone, who is co-owner of an insurance agency. "And...

One for the books

...political reporter for The Washington Post even described it as a "romance" that might just be "the most successful union of a politician and a supermarket in American history."Costco co-founder and recently retired CEO James Sinegal was a speaker at the...

Learn what an honest politician would say

Gil Fulbright is running for Congress in Kentucky. Sort of. He's doing his best to tell it like it is, and share the realities of modern political campaigns with the masses. Watch and be entertained as he speaks from the heart on what those big money politicians would say if they had to be honest.

Don't be part of the problem with political media and Internet lies

...MSNBC and political talk shows exist to make a profit, pure and simple. An impassioned commentator angrily ranting about a politician from the opposing camp is playing a role to boost the bottom line for his owner, not to objectively inform the public.Although...