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Deal wins GOP primary, shifts focus to Carter

...significant campaign cash against Deal, who reported having $3.9 million on hand as of March 31. By comparison, Carter raised $1.6 million in the same period and can tap into the fundraising and political networks of his grandfather.
Al Gore launching cable network

...made Tuesday during the National Cable and Television Association convention in New Orleans. "This will not be a political network," Gore said in a statement. "These stories will be in a voice that young people recognize and from a point of...
Kerry seeks to clear field with Wisconsin victory

...changed his mind. But his top advisers urged him to cede the nomination, and shift his attention to building a political network that helps elect Democrats to Congress. While Dean is winless and running out of credibility, Edwards has won his...
Fryer ballot ouster a corrupt move

...chances of being the sheriff nominee in November. These attempts prove there's desperation in the party's "old political network" to keep any "outsider" from being elected to the sheriff's post and disrupting Augusta's "good-ol...
Kent: Barnes upset; McCain grumbles; wrong bark

...that they don't like McCain for the same reason. The word is spreading through Thurmond's vast South Carolina political network (he has been senator since 1954) that, in the words of one former staffer, "McCain has bad-mouthed the senator...
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Indictment is political revenge revenge. Linda was outside the established political networks. She took on the legacy of failed educational bureaucracy...She next tried to take on the good-ol'-boy political network, as she called it, in her run to become Georgia's...
S.C. voters key to picking GOP presidential nominee

...Carroll Campbell, is directing Bush's effort in the state. He's been joined by other members of Campbell's political network. Campbell remains uncommitted. Attorney General Charlie Condon is state chairman for Mrs. Dole's efforts. Arizona...
Column: Ga. cities chafe as state expands its turf

...suddenly? Cities and counties traditionally are among the strongest of Capitol lobbies, since each commissioner has a political network that a job-scared legislator can't safely ignore. Neither Calvin nor Griffin will say so, but a good part of...
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Incumbents' day

...contests, Shepard and incumbent Jerry Brigham, each stressed their independence from any "good-'ol-boy" political network. Brigham went even further, tying Boyles as close to the mayor as he could. The result: a 63 percent blowout...
Adams selected to lead UGA

...Charles Bullock said Dr. Adams' background in politics might come in handy as other emerging colleges develop a political network threatening the university's historical advantage at the General Assembly. "A person who has been in politics...