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Across Georgia was being played. Officers found a game in progress, and some people were holding money and some were holding poker chips when they entered the house, Roswell police Sgt. B.C. Brackett said. Two women hired to serve drinks were among...
Police draw pair of arrests in gambling raid

...Authorities executed a search warrant at about 6:10 p.m. at 1113 Alexander Drive, where they recovered playing cards, poker chips, more than $4,000 and gambling receipts, according to a sheriff's office incident report. Mr. Singletary was...
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Riding a wave of poker popularity, casinos opening new card rooms

...staying power. A Wichita, Kan., company earlier this year created the Amateur Poker League, which provides cards, poker chips, table tops and a uniform scoring system to bars for about $225 a night. Participants get the same amount of chips...
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Odds and Ends

...was required to play almost every hand, except for one 15 minute break every eight hours. He sat down with $100 in poker chips and ended with around $1,000 in winnings, although he gave most of it away in tips to the Foxwoods staff. He played...
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Saddam will call president's bluff

...problems on the Korean peninsula seem far graver to me, but Mr. Bush continues to stack the deck against Iraq. The poker chips being offered up on the table of this game are some of America's best (military volunteers), and the cost to our...
Former Augusta State star Siler rising in Phoenix

...the rookie hazing. He once dressed up as a Klingon during training camp. On team flights, he had to carry players' poker chips and unload their bags. Siler also had to go to the local store for candy or toiletries and buy Krispy Kreme doughnuts...
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Finch carrying the load

...its fourth-down attempts. "I told the guys on the way down we were going all in," Lackey said. "I had all my poker chips pushed to the center of the table. "We were going to give it all we had to win that game." Those forays were halted...
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Across South Carolina because investigators were told there would be a high buy-in to get into the game. Deputies say they found poker chips, gambling tables and five video gaming machines. Those ticketed in the case are to appear in court Feb. 17.
World Series of Golf inks 13-episode cable TV deal

...each player required to pay a $10,000 entry fee to play. In the unique format, dozens of amateur players bet with poker chips, winning chips when they finish holes in fewer strokes or by forcing opponents to fold. The tournament aired on CBS...
Valentine hearts - sayings change, candy stays the same

...landed with U.S. troops in World War II. Over the years, the company says, they have been used as bull's eyes, poker chips, checkers and practice hosts for a first communion. The wafers and hearts enabled Necco to stave off bankruptcy and...
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