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Hundreds of kids poisoned by detergent pods, study says

CHICAGO - Accidental poisonings from squishy laundry detergent packets sometimes mistaken for toys...soap and became widely available in the U.S. two years ago. Poisoning or injuries including mouth, throat and eye burns can occur when...
Extra pain pills can damage liver

...popping extra pain pills can't hurt? Think again: Accidental poisonings from the nation's most popular pain reliever seem to be...acetaminophen-related. Acetaminophen was to blame for 28 percent of the liver poisonings in 1998, but caused 51 percent of cases in 2003. That makes...
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POSION PREVENTION About 30 children die every year because of accidental poisonings, and about 1 million phone calls are placed to Poison Control Centers annually by adults seeking help when children have swallowed...
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Producers go high tech against germs

...squeeze the salmonella out of a jalapeno? Or zap the E. coli from lettuce without it going limp? Headline-grabbing food poisonings from raw foods are raising interest in technology -- from super-high pressure to irradiation -- to get rid of some of...
Grocers concerned by food scares demand inspections of growers

...WASHINGTON -- Supermarkets and restaurants spooked by food poisonings linked to fruits and vegetables are making suppliers hire...Interest, an advocacy group. Over the past decade, 82 food-poisoning outbreaks have been linked to tainted sprouts, lettuce and...
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Keeping the season bright

...there is the occasional siren. Experts say you need to add a little care to your holiday cheer this season. Accidental poisonings, hazardous toys, scaldings and traffic accidents could await the unwary this season. A few simple precautions and common...
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Bacteria scare brings awareness

...scare. Just months after the government recalled 25 million pounds of tainted beef and after a barrage of reports of food poisonings from fresh berries and other produce, the manufacturers of kitchen products are introducing utensils that promise germ-fighting...
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Mayonnaise gets bad rap in summertime

...and coleslaw may cause food poisoning. But mayonnaise frequently...fingered as the culprit in food poisonings when other foods are often...slight protection against food poisoning. Studies conducted nearly...of bacteria can cause food poisoning. Other research has confirmed...
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Tylenol poisonings should make us feel better about buying groceries in supermarket

A high school classmate taught me that a closed jar was not necessarily an intact jar on the supermarket shelf.
Poison center fields synthetic pot calls

...added that symptoms of synthetic marijuana use can vary greatly, "leading to what may be an under-reporting of actual poisonings.""There are increasing reports of fentanyl being mixed with synthetic marijuana, leading to death in many individuals...