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Editorial: Contaminating the body politic

...sorting out this republic's disputes.His odd, patronizing attitude toward the other two branches of government risks poisoning not just one court case, but further contaminating an already weakened body politic.It's a valuable civics lesson, and...
Judge finds no juror misconduct in salmonella trial convictions

...for sure salmonella caused each death.Experts said it was the first time U.S. food processors stood trial in a food-poisoning case. The judge has not set a sentencing date. Both Parnell brothers face lengthy prison sentences.
Age old question: Vigilance can help prevent food poisoning

Q: How can I avoid food poisoning this summer? -- V.H., Beech Island A: Food poisoning can creep up on you with little warning...and another 16,000 become ill from food poisoning. Although we often see reports of food poisoning...
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Age old question: Avoid food poisoning with bit of prevention

...What's the best way to avoid food poisoning? -- L.G., Aiken A: The best course of action for fighting food poisoning is prevention. According to the...million Americans get sick from food poisoning each year. The culprits include...
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Man arrested for poisoning Auburn's historic oaks

...Ala. - The man allegedly responsible for poisoning the live oaks at Toomer's Corner where Auburn...making two calls claiming knowledge of the poisoning but later denied actually poisoning the trees, according to court documents...
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Lead poisoning cases scrutinized

...Most of Augusta's incidents of lead poisoning continue to occur in 30901, 30904 and...Weston said the most recent case of lead poisoning was reported by Medical College of Georgia...hasn't gone away." The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention program gave the results of...
Mercury poisoning escapes notice

People are worried about lead poisoning in children. They should be worried...citizens not worried about mercury poisoning in our children? Mercury is the...autism. My grandson got his mercury poisoning in the late 1990s from vaccines...
Poisoning allegedly went on for 4 months

...BEAUFORT, S.C. - A wife accused of poisoning her husband started slipping him arsenic...41, was charged with murder in the poisoning death of her 69-year-old millionaire...Spotts' death showed "chronic" arsenic poisoning. Mr. Spotts died Aug. 6, two days...
Health group wants food poisoning labels on egg cartons

...become the number one contributor to food poisoning outbreaks, with hundreds of thousands...those measures are put in place, food poisoning will remain a threat to thousands. The...128,000 to 640,000 cases of food poisoning are caused annually by a strain of salmonella...
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CDC: Food poisoning from salmonella up in US

...ATLANTA - Health officials say more Americans got food poisoning last year, primarily because of salmonella.The Centers...states and is believed to be a good indicator of food poisoning trends throughout the country. More than 19,000 cases...