Augusta veteran's widow aims to become advocate

...with staff admitting him to hospice on the last visit, after McCullar choked while eating breakfast and suffered aspiration pneumonia. The VA started a morphine drip, and he died 10 days later.Privacy concerns keep the VA from commenting on patient deaths...

FDA approves pneumonia test

...wheezing patient needs antibiotics to treat pneumonia are about to get a simple, 15-minute...Binax Inc.'s first-of-a-kind pneumonia test Monday. It uses a patient's urine...Streptococcus pneumoniae, a leading cause of pneumonia. The test should help doctors decide...

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Pneumonia: Battling the season

...Augusta had a double -- a flu shot and a pneumonia shot. "It's better to do it than...thought I was going to die." It was pneumonia, and this year, she got a vaccination...about 500,000 people will get bacterial pneumonia and about 40,000 will die. As with...

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Pneumonia outbreak shows need for vaccination

...BOSTON -- An outbreak of drug-resistant pneumonia that killed three residents of an Oklahoma...the infection, researchers say. The pneumonia vaccine is recommended for everyone over 65, since pneumonia can be especially dangerous for older...

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Toxins could explain pneumonia damage while a hormone could be the cure, researchers say

...why some lung damage and deaths from pneumonia occur after antibiotics appear to have...to defeat it, one researcher said.Pneumonia is the leading cause of infectious death...Despite vaccines and antibiotics, pneumonia caused more than U.S. 50,000 deaths...

University Hospital honored for limiting pneumonia

...for helping keep patients from getting pneumonia while on ventilators, a key patient...for avoiding ventilator-associated pneumonia, infections from a central line or both...lowered its rate of ventilator-associated pneumonia by 96 percent and achieved targets for...

Childhood pneumonia deaths down 97 percent

...wasn't uncommon to see a friend die of pneumonia before age 15. But baby boomers' children...highly unlikely to die of the disease. Pneumonia deaths among children dropped 97 percent...in quantity until 1944, with moving pneumonia out of the most common cause of death...

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Link between type of pneumonia and heart problem

...that a common, low-level lung infection - known as walking pneumonia - has a direct link to heart disease and other cardiovascular...heart disease. Mycoplasma pneumoniae, often called "walking pneumonia," since symptoms can be too mild to notice, is so common...

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A look at 'unexpected' deaths in community care homes

...to the death certificate. He had had pneumonia and the flu. ? A 61-year-old woman...61-year-old woman died of sepsis and pneumonia Sept. 25, 2013, at the privately owned...respiratory arrest as a result of bacterial pneumonia and sepsis. An investigative report...

Death haunts mother who can't get answers

...20, 2013. The cause on his death certificate is cardiorespiratory arrest and respiratory failure, followed by aspiration pneumonia, caused by fluid or food being sucked into the lungs. Evans doesn't see how that could happen "unless they were not suctioning...