No construction contractors cited in Columbia County for 2 years

...under local ordinance.According to Augusta's building code, no person holding state certification as an electrician, plumber or mechanical contractor "shall allow their credentials to be used directly or indirectly for the purpose of obtaining a permit...

Mayor Hardie Davis' plagiarism scandal takes the cake

...cover-upper is 10 times worse than a copycat," said Courtier Grady of Plumbing Brothers ? no relation to the Watergate plumbers. "It would serve you well, Sire, to just tell the truth.""Unfortunately, the truth isn't in me," said the king...

You Remembered: Duke Restaurant

...friendly service, along with an outstanding breakfast.Our shop was diversified; carpenters, electricians, HVAC technicians, plumbers, and some of the best supervisors that Johnson Control World Services had at Fort Gordon! The food was always delicious...

Thanksgiving causes 50-percent surge in plumbing calls

...isn't only about clogged arteries and stuffed stomachs.Plumbers say grease, leftovers and peels that go along with cooking...typical week, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and Roto-Rooter Plumbers reported.As of Friday afternoon, Jameila Jones, customer...

Union offers training for welders

...apprenticeship and training program with Plumbers & Steamfitters Local No. 150 on Telfair...demand, Parsons has worked with the Plumbers & Steamfitters local to offer an 18-week...Classes are taught in facilities at the Plumbers & Steamfitters. The third 18-week...

Recent fires had similar cause

...Public Safety Inspector David Turno said plumbers use the torches in a process known as...together. Often those pipes catch fire and plumbers routinely snuff the fires out, but the plumbers working with the torches at the Willcox...

It's hard to find plumber to make sense of economy

...he said he's not really a plumber but a heating and air conditioning...wants to capitalize on Joe the Plumber's 15 minutes of fame and...settled for talking to Harry the Plumber at Southern Plumbing, who...Mr. Bowles is full of what plumbers get called to get out of pipes...

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Listen to a plumber

If a plumber tells you there's a problem, it should trouble you. Ohio plumber Joe Wurzelbacher has detected a serious problem...likely be because of his conversation with Joe the Plumber last Sunday. When Joe -- who aspires to buy the...

Plumber testifies water heater disabled

GREENSBORO, N.C. - A plumber who repaired a water heater at a Food...to stage events for her story. The plumber, Clyde Edward King Jr., of Morganton...hot water," King testified. The plumber's testimony came after attorneys...

Hammering Joe the Plumber for Obama's answer

Poor Joe the Plumber. He was just standing in line to meet a...and poked fun at as being an "unlicensed plumber" by the Obama Kool-Aid drinkers. Joe's...is way they've been hammering Joe the Plumber. Rob Feeso Evans