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Thanks for what we have

...the Berkeley Hundred, upriver from Jamestown, Va., on Dec. 4, 1619. We associate Thanksgiving with bounty -- plentiful food, freedom from want. But the Berkeley thanksgiving wasn't a celebration of abundance. It was a genuine giving...
Fishing report

...creeks seem to be full of medium-sized shrimp and 11-to-13-inch yearling spottail bass are benefiting from the plentiful food supply. A 44-inch spottail was beached and released in the Pritchard's Island surf. New bass size and catch...
Christmas held little joy for slaves

...They were on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week," he said. For other slaves, Christmas was a time of plentiful food during their five days of free time. Their usual rations were corn meal and fatback. At Christmas, it was supplemented...
Weighty new world: Obesity gains ground as global killer

...fatter," said Bloom. But now, he says, "everything has kind of come together." For starters, there is cheap, plentiful food. In developing countries, people still spend 40 percent of their income on food, as opposed to 15 percent by American...
Life & style
Isolated obese populations help search for genetic influences

...likely to survive famines, those genes would be passed on to modern-day descendants. But in an environment of plentiful food and little risk of starvation, thrifty genes could be a liability. Friedman suggests that could have been the situation...
Life & style
Hard-earned day off

...customer service. Meanwhile, the fruits of our labors - comfortable homes, powerful cars, easy entertainment, plentiful food and more - give others around the world the impression that we've got it easy, as if wood and metal and Sheetrock...