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Ramblin' Rhodes: Doc Severinsen is bringing 'Big Band' for Evans show

It's been a long, long time since Doc Severinsen, formerly bandleader on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson TV program, performed locally. Specifically, it was April of 1974 at Bell Auditorium. So it is especially interesting that Severinsen, 41 years later at age 88, will launch the seventh season of the Augusta Amusements series on Sept. 12 in Evans.
Christmas music comes in many flavors

A Home For the Holidays (1/2, Mercury Records) Aside from a cool cover, this CD is jammed with pop artists - Suzanne Vega, Bon Jovi and Joan Osborne, to name a few - singing the same Christmas carols as your third-grader. But they're in tune. The album, benefiting Phoenix House, which works with troubled teens and adult drug abusers, is "dedicated to all those who struggle with their demons. Happy Holidays . . . You are loved." Maybe that's why the producers didn't change the songs too much. That might have upset people.
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Ramblin' Rhodes: Brown's love of Christmas still with us

While James Brown's death in 2006 was sad, I also remember the good things associated with James Brown and Christmas.
Christmas remix

Look around. There are wreaths and Christmas trees, mistletoe and fake snow - all sorts of sights to remind us that the holidays are here.