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Christmas music comes in many flavors

A Home For the Holidays (1/2, Mercury Records) Aside from a cool cover, this CD is jammed with pop artists - Suzanne Vega, Bon Jovi and Joan Osborne, to name a few - singing the same Christmas carols as your third-grader. But they're in tune. The album, benefiting Phoenix House, which works with troubled teens and adult drug abusers, is "dedicated to all those who struggle with their demons. Happy Holidays . . . You are loved." Maybe that's why the producers didn't change the songs too much. That might have upset people.
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Ramblin' Rhodes: Brown's love of Christmas still with us

While James Brown's death in 2006 was sad, I also remember the good things associated with James Brown and Christmas.
Christmas remix

Look around. There are wreaths and Christmas trees, mistletoe and fake snow - all sorts of sights to remind us that the holidays are here.