Microsoft to buy Minecraft maker for $2.5 billion

...game franchises such as the Halo shooter game and Forza racing game.Microsoft said it will to continue to make Minecraft available across all the platforms on which it is available today: PC, iOS, Android, Xbox and PlayStation.

Sony wooing Japanese to PS4 with Dragon Quest

...Sony is trying to woo Japanese game fans to the PlayStation 4 home console that went on sale in November in the...effective Monday, acknowledged the momentum for the PlayStation 4 in Japan wasn't catching up with the West, although...

Suspect sought after stealing televisions

...accused of stealing three flat-screen televisions and a PlayStation 2 on Thursday from an Augusta home.Approximately 10:25...flat-screen TV, 32-inch flat-screen TV and a Sony PlayStation, the report stated.No suspect information was provided...

Video gamers line up for PlayStation 4 release

...time to play with his brand new PlayStation 4 on Friday, so he asked for...anticipated midnight release of the PlayStation 4, Sony's latest generation...consoles and successor of the PlayStation 3.The competition, Microsoft's...

New video game shoot-'em-ups add some twists

...to be fair, there is a lot of bloodshed on our Xboxes and PlayStations. For a while, game designers dodged such criticism by making...Blood Money" (Eidos, for the Xbox 360, $59.99; Xbox, PlayStation 2, $39.99): Then there's Agent 47, an assassin with...

Life & style
Baseball fever makes its way to Vice-land

...are talking about how the game is boring and dying and no competition at all for kids with their Roller Blades and their PlayStations. Then, October rolls around and the town team is still playing and Bob Costas hits town for the broadcast and suddenly...

Other sports
Virtual Playstation, real lawsuit

...best-selling game consoles is the Sony PlayStation. So why not combine the two? Enter...Virtual Game Station, which emulates a PlayStation on a Macintosh. But Sony doesn't...Virtual Game Station "circumvents the PlayStation's anti-piracy protection (which...

XXX Technology
Sony to delay release of PlayStation 3 until November

...off the release of its much awaited PlayStation 3 console until November from its planned...Keizai Shimbun and other papers. The PlayStation 3 is critical for Sony Corp.'s profits...Exchange. The new timeline means that the PlayStation 3 will still hit store shelves simultaneously...

Life & style
Sony unveils more powerful PlayStation

...unveiled a new version of its popular PlayStation video-game player today, a more powerful...anticipated player, provisionally named PlayStation II, will use a 128-bit microprocessor...times more powerful than the current PlayStation. The new machine will match the power...

XXX Technology
PlayStation slowdown in delivery is annoying

...of hype about the release of Sony's PlayStation 2. I was walking in the Augusta Mall...Babbage's Software: RESERVE YOUR PLAYSTATION 2 TODAY! I eagerly went inside and...Babbage's Software: "Mr. Hammond, your PlayStation is in. You can come and get it...