Drugs found in inmate's locker during random search

...conducting a random search on a locker belonging to inmate Sedewick Shaw, 54, he found three small bundles of marijuana in plastic wrap and stuffed into a rubber glove.A field test confirmed the substance was, in fact, marijuana, and deputies obtained...

Legislation pushes for VA leader accountability

...December 2013. Documents show the facility found Glover, now 64, had cartilage tears and ligament damage in his right wrist.Plastic surgery repaired 12 years of misdiagnoses, but Glover said because of the Augusta VA's oversight he lost a job, a home...

You Remembered: Harrisburg

...across the street invited our family to watch her "color" TV ? which turned out to be a thin multi-colored, see-through plastic sheet she had purchased at Sky City and placed over the TV screen.? Living in Harrisburg meant watching the mill-workers...

Novak Djokovic has plenty of reasons to celebrate at Australian Open

...discussing a range of topics including his childhood memories of tennis, when "I was constructing little trophies out of plastic and pretending I was a Wimbledon champion."The flashback jogged his memory. It was Jan. 24, his mother, Dijana's...

In the Super Bowl of pizza, this DIY beats take-out any day

...Shape the dough into a ball and place in the oiled bowl, turning the dough to coat evenly with oil. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let rise in a warm place until double in bulk, about 1 hour.Once the dough has risen, heat the oven to 500 F...

Winter is the best time to plant new shade trees

...Remember, the tree roots have to eventually grow in the native soil anyway.Gently place the tree in the saucer. Remove all plastic, paper, burlap, wires, ties and straps from the new tree ? if you can. Some of these materials, if left around the...

Only once in school did I fake the in-crowd attire

...your feet intact. To him, they are a treasure to carry in a plastic bag until you can go indoors and lace them on.When he's...athletic socks that I've always bought, three or six pairs to a plastic bag. They are long, heavy socks with designs and colors...

Toyota scores highest in use of 'green' plastics

...with the Global Plastic Environmental Conference...Atlanta. Sustainable plastics are defined as those...environmentally friendly plastic than one in the...environmentally safe plastics to consumers equally...petrochemical-based plastics, many of which...an unsustainable plastic is PVC, which is...

Thomson Plastics expands

...which was leased to Thomson Plastics and later purchased by the company...it was home grown." Thomson Plastics, a custom plastic injection molding company, moved...Briggs & Stratton Corp. "Thomson Plastics has been an excellent community...

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Welcomes 'biodegradable plastics'

...catalyst could lead to improved plastics" stated "The new catalysts raise...characteristics, perhaps even biodegradable plastics ..." That's what we need, biodegradable plastics. Why make milk jugs or other plastic food wraps that last for thousands...