NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given that on December 10, 2015 at...

...Heater, TV, Cabinet, Boxes, Bags, Clothing 2114 - Alvin Jackson - Mattress, Boxspring, Bed Frame, Vacuum, Picture, Plastic Totes, Boxes, Fishing Poles 2326- 28 - Melissa Doughtry - Chest, Foot Board, Bags, Sofa, Chair, Table, Mattress...

Toyota scores highest in use of 'green' plastics

...with the Global Plastic Environmental Conference...Atlanta. Sustainable plastics are defined as those...environmentally friendly plastic than one in the...environmentally safe plastics to consumers equally...petrochemical-based plastics, many of which...an unsustainable plastic is PVC, which is...

Thomson Plastics expands

...which was leased to Thomson Plastics and later purchased by the company...it was home grown." Thomson Plastics, a custom plastic injection molding company, moved...Briggs & Stratton Corp. "Thomson Plastics has been an excellent community...

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Welcomes 'biodegradable plastics'

...catalyst could lead to improved plastics" stated "The new catalysts raise...characteristics, perhaps even biodegradable plastics ..." That's what we need, biodegradable plastics. Why make milk jugs or other plastic food wraps that last for thousands...

GE will sell plastics division

...company faster, he said. GE's plastics division dates to 1930, resulting...Thomas Edison's experiments with plastic filaments for light bulbs in...Pittsfield, Mass.-based GE Plastics supplies plastic resins to the automotive, health...

Plastics familiar to area

...cities for a factory site, a plastics plant already in the area announced...to several companies in the plastics field. One such company...carpet-makers with yet another type of plastic. Martin Color-Fi takes used plastic and raw chemicals to produce...

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Barnwell plastics-to-oil recycling plant will employ 20

...Barnwell County to make oil out of plastic.Climax Global Energy Inc. announced plans Thursday to locate a new plastics-to-oil recycling facility in Blackville...company will convert mixed-waste plastics into high-grade synthetic oil that...

Elberton, Ga. reaches deal for plastics plant

...ELBERTON, Ga. -- Officials in Elbert County say a European plastics company plans to lease space in Elberton's industrial park...developer with the authority, says the company plans to make plastic parts for cars. She says the company's name will be revealed...

Kon-Tiki 2 will sample trash levels in the Pacific

...Pacific for increasing acidity and plastic pollution. The vessel will sail...milky soup, interspersed with visible plastic pollution and often hardly visible at all.""That's because the plastic breaks down in smaller and smaller...

Well-being gadgets expanding beyond the bracelet to include the smart ring

...sizes but only two colors - black and white - and looks like a plastic signet ring.Made of a scratch-resistant ceramic compound...Savvy consumers would rather wear their nice Swiss watches than plastic monitoring bracelet," Kivela says. "The ring does the monitoring...