Wrinkle laser wins following

...plastic surgery using a new kind of laser that Evans plastic surgeon Keith Davis is offering at his Plastic Surgery Pavilion...become what we call leaky," said Diane Duncan, a plastic surgeon in Fort Collins, Colo., who will present her findings...

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Doctors can grow football fields of skin

...treat burn patients. To Dr. Joe Still, an Augusta plastic surgeon who helped test the new skin, it is just another...parts to replicate the whole," said Dr. Still, a plastic surgeon at Columbia Augusta Medical Center's burn unit...

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Across Georgia

...officer shot the dog several times, killing it.Jeremy's mother said once her son's stitches are removed, a plastic surgeon will examine him to determine whether he needs reconstructive surgery.? Associated Press

Lawsuits, investigation linger in Vein Guys crash

...The Vein Care Pavilion of the South, was started in 2004 by Roth, a vascular surgeon, and Dr. Keith Davis, a plastic surgeon who died in 2010. The company started with a center in Evans and grew to a team of four doctors and a dozen support...

Illegal buttocks injections kill, maim women

...haven't said what substance Garner used, though industrial silicone has been used in other cases.Dr. John Martin, a plastic surgeon in Coral Gables, Fla., said illicit cosmetic procedures have become common. Sometimes multiple people are injected...

Vein Guys plane crash reaches one-year anniversary, investigation continues

...started Vein Guys, formally named the Vein Care Pavilion of the South, in Evans a decade ago with Dr. Keith Davis, a plastic surgeon who died in 2010. Roth helped the practice grow with offices across three other Southeastern cities: Atlanta, Nashville...

Surgery, wigs, tape: Stars' red carpet secrets

...lifts, liposuction and the increasingly popular butt implants need to be done months in advance, says celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Peter Fodor, who estimates "at least 80 percent" of the stars on the Oscar carpet have done something surgical...

QuickHit: 'Just go with it'

'Just Go with It' Released: Feb. 11MPAA Rating: PG-13My Thoughts: This comedy follows a single plastic surgeon (Adam Sandler) as he, with the help of his dedicated assistant (Jennifer Aniston) and her children, desperately tries to...

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Think before you ink

...Bauer's view, "If God didn't mean for us to be tattooed, he wouldn't have left so much blank skin." But plastic surgeon Patrick Hudson sees tattoos very differently: "I've never seen a tattoo that I liked." "People can get hepatitis...

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Doctors return from Louisiana

...as a surgical resident at New Orleans' Charity Hospital. "When the knife and gun clubs kicked in," the Evans plastic surgeon said Tuesday upon returning from five days in Louisiana. He and Augusta businessmen Charlie Robertson and Andy Jones...