Key dates in US relations with Cuba

...January 1961. Three months later Castro declares Cuba a socialist state - just a day before the doomed U.S.-sponsored Bay of Pigs invasion meant to topple Castro. Meanwhile, U.S. agents are organizing repeated efforts to assassinate the Cuban leader...

Displays light up holiday for area residents

...with pink lights that is dedicated to those who've battled breast cancer. She has a variety of lighted animals such as dogs, pigs and flamingos and lots of Christmas trees.One piece she recently added was a vintage blow mold Nativity scene.Wates said...

Virus killing million of pigs

...seen in the U.S. has killed millions of baby pigs in less than a year, and with little known about...weeks old. The farm produces about 150,000 pigs each year.Estimates of how many pigs have died in the past year vary, ranging from...

Business owners in war-torn countries gain lessons in becoming more profitable

...also contended with gang violence in El Salvador. Recently a man tried to extort money from her, threatening to poison her pigs' drinking water. Unemployment is a reason there so many young people join gangs, she says."People don't want to hire...

Advocates call for overhaul of federal Animal Welfare Act

...riding.As of April 2013, the last time the ranch was inspected by USDA, Graystone had 51 animals regulated by the agency ? pigs, sheep, goats, cows, alpacas, raccoons, a fox, coatimundi, ferret, small spotted genet and a tiger. Horses and reptiles...

Animals entering political ads

...what with parrots, chicks, dogs and pigs taking turns in commercials that bite and...Let's make 'em squeal," a command the pigs are heard to obey promptly.Rival Bruce...figured chicks could handle his rival's pigs."When Joni Ernst had a chance to do...

Potbellied pigs make easy-to-train pets

Audio Slideshow: Watch potbellied pigs Williford and Tiller in action. Thomson...it's their two Vietnamese potbellied pigs, Williford and Tiller, who are known...the 7-year-old black-and-white pigs, who mainly eat Manno Pro potbellied pig...

Life & style
Gene therapy yields bigger pigs

WASHINGTON -- Here come the super pigs. Medical researchers using gene therapy...technique, which stimulates production of the pigs' growth hormones, would be a boon for...production over the past two decades have pigs maturing only 10 percent faster than they...

XXX Technology
'G-Force' likely to put guinea pigs atop pet list

...activists say it will be real life guinea pigs who need rescuing. Some guinea pig rescue...say no when their children beg for guinea pigs, because the animals are too fragile for...choice after "Along Came Polly" and guinea pigs were in demand after "Bedtime Stories...

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Pigs don't lighten Capitol mood

AIKEN - By dragging a pair of pigs into the Statehouse to underscore a point...second-year governor brought the two pigs, dubbed Pork and Barrel, inside the Capitol...the lingering barnyard odors. "To bring pigs outside the chamber - urinating and doing...