Young pig farmers show off at Future Farmers of America and 4H Swine Show

...and 4H Swine Show show gave young pig farmers a chance to show off their hog handling and grooming skills. The pigs are washed, dried, brushed and soothed...by how well they controlled their pig while the pigs themselves are judged in the commercial...

Virus killing million of pigs

...old. The farm produces about 150,000 pigs each year.Estimates of how many pigs have died in the past year vary, ranging...had a hand in shrinking the nation's pig herd by 3 percent to about 63 million pigs.Diarrhea affects pigs like people...

Tough questions went easy on Obama

...tough interview so quickly got under his filament-thin skin.What an epic, historic fiasco Obama hath wrought. The Bay of Pigs has nothing on this guy.Admittedly without a strategy all along, the supposedly mightiest force on Earth has hardly made a...

PETA complains of UGA lab animals

...protection group wants a federal review of the University of Georgia after obtaining a document that details the use of live dogs, pigs and goats to teach medical procedures. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said participants in UGA's "medical readiness...

PETA requests federal review of University of Georgia for use of dogs, other lab animals

...group wants a federal review of the University of Georgia after the group obtained a document detailing the use of live dogs, pigs and goats to teach medical procedures that include placing a breathing tube through a hole in the throat.People for the Ethical...

Wagener-Salley High School | The Augusta Chronicle

...LeZotte was one of the coaches rumored to be up for the Westside gig. But the former Patriot decided to remain with the Irish. Pig intestines. That's what brought almost 25,000 people together Saturday in Salley: the 44th annual Chitlin' Strut, a...

Potbellied pigs make easy-to-train pets

...black-and-white pigs, who mainly eat Manno Pro potbellied pig feed, everything...They bought their pigs from professional breeders at Pig O' My Heart Potbellies...couple could buy the pigs, they had to read a manual, Potbellied Pig Parenting, by Nancy...

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Gene therapy yields bigger pigs

...leg of a 2-week-old pig. The chemical in turn causes the pig's pituitary gland to...the injection, treated pigs weighed 92 pounds, compared...leading authorities on pig genetics. "Will consumers...to continue improving pigs by identifying genes...

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'G-Force' likely to put guinea pigs atop pet list

...be real life guinea pigs who need rescuing. Some guinea pig rescue groups have...if she has a guinea pig that looks like one...G-Force' type guinea pigs. I am really worried...homes have guinea pigs as pets, according...Volunteers from most guinea pig rescue groups will...

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Pigs don't lighten Capitol mood

...lingering barnyard odors. "To bring pigs outside the chamber - urinating...defended both his vetoes and the pigs in a phone interview Friday...uproar over the gubernatorial pig prank marks the second blowup...residents understood that he brought pigs to the Statehouse as a joke.