Physicist feared power he helped create

...Einstein. Yet, the Hungarian-born physicist was essential to the development of the...Japan. Within years, the legendary physicist abandoned his chosen field, choosing...able to sustain a chain reaction led the physicist to Einstein. Dr. Szilard persuaded...

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Physicist pioneered nuclear reaction

...chain reaction," the Italian-born physicist already had enjoyed a prodigious career...possession of such knowledge and power. The physicist was one of several scientists who drafted...laboratory, also known as Fermilab, the physicist's name appears on an international...

Physicist says he'll clone himself

BOSTON -- A Chicago physicist who provoked controversy earlier this year by announcing plans to clone humans says the first person he will try to copy is himself...

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Physicist pioneered nuclear reaction

...atomic bombs and those since. A brilliant physicist and a Harvard graduate, Dr. Oppenheimer...of an atomic bomb July 16, 1945 - the physicist famously quoted Hindu scripture: "I...of nuclear warfare. But by 1953, the physicist found himself victimized by U.S. Sen...

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Greek physicist is key to U.N. weapons inspections in Iraq

...that could spell the difference between war and peace. A physicist who worked for years for the International Atomic Energy Agency...But we don't give much attention to their complaints." A physicist in his mid-60s, Perricos is the director of planning and...

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Scientist undeterred by opposition to human cloning

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Chicago physicist Richard Seed shrugged off President...difficult project." The Chicago physicist is sure to face difficulty in the...have cast serious doubt on the physicist's qualifications to undertake...

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Math figures Bolt had 9.55 potential

OSLO, Norway --- A physicist has done the math, and he says Usain...between 9.55 and 9.61," Norwegian physicist Hans Eriksen said Friday in a telephone...record he set in May. Eriksen, a physicist at the Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics...

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Scholar: Science, religion don't have to clash

...GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- As an atomic physicist, Matt Walhout spends hours trying to...believes Sir John Polkinghorne, a British physicist-turned-Anglican priest who advocates...issues before then." Lois Kieffaber, a physicist at Whitworth College, a Christian institution...

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FDA to clamp down on cloning

...Administration has a warning for the Chicago physicist who wants to clone a human: The agency...to clone a person within 18 months. A physicist, Seed has no medical degree, no laboratory...another issue. Ehlers, a nuclear physicist, argues that his bill would allow cloning...

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Faces of history

...his life to peace. The German-born physicist knew little of rapid and recent advancements...of Einstein's peers; the renowned physicist did little more than choose between several...faith. After his first letter, the physicist wrote to Mr. Roosevelt thrice more...