Physicists theorize that space isn't the same in all directions

...isn't the same in all directions, two physicists have theorized after studying scores...galaxies. The universe has an axis, the physicists suggest in a paper to be published Monday...systematically depending on where the physicists looked. "That indicates that not all...

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Physicists create a new element

...plutonium with calcium ions, the physicists created an element with an...milliseconds. For decades, physicists have theorized the existence...184 neutrons needed. But physicists say they are in "shallow...life measured in years. One physicist, Albert Ghiorso of Lawrence...

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Umpires hire physicists and engineers to examine computer

...Upset that baseball is using a new computer system to track ball-and-strike calls, the sport's umpires have hired physicists and engineers to examine its accuracy. Robert Kemp Adair, a Sterling Professor Emeritus at Yale who wrote the book "The...

Physicist feared power he helped create

...Einstein. Yet, the Hungarian-born physicist was essential to the development of the...Japan. Within years, the legendary physicist abandoned his chosen field, choosing...able to sustain a chain reaction led the physicist to Einstein. Dr. Szilard persuaded...

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Physicist pioneered nuclear reaction

...reaction," the Italian-born physicist already had enjoyed a prodigious...Similarly to other leading physicists of the time, Dr. Fermi knew...knowledge and power. The physicist was one of several scientists...also known as Fermilab, the physicist's name appears on an international...

Physicist says he'll clone himself

BOSTON -- A Chicago physicist who provoked controversy earlier this year by announcing plans to clone humans says the first person he will try to copy is himself...

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Physicists tantalized by near discovery

...Higgs-like signals detected as the CERN physicists - who come from all over the world...construction of the LHC and risk angering physicists who will have to defer their experiments...long-sought particle was named for British physicist Peter Higgs, who postulated its existence...

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Collider will recreate universe's first moments

...Yale University physicist involved in the...primordial substance, physicists might learn how...said Brookhaven physicist Mike Tannenbaum...they expected? Physicists will be delighted...weapons possible. So physicists actually welcome...William Zajc, a RHIC physicist and Columbia University...

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Physicist pioneered nuclear reaction

...atomic bombs and those since. A brilliant physicist and a Harvard graduate, Dr. Oppenheimer...of an atomic bomb July 16, 1945 - the physicist famously quoted Hindu scripture: "I...of nuclear warfare. But by 1953, the physicist found himself victimized by U.S. Sen...

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Researchers groping to find missing energy

...always intriguing question for physicists: Was Einstein right or wrong...problem. The bad news is physicists don't yet have a clue as...California Institute of Technology physicist Richard Feynman. While physicists squint into the darkness...

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