Navy veteran convicted of malice murder, given life in prison in death of his 17-month-old niece

...support seven days after being admitted to the Georgia Regents Medical Center with severe brain damage.According to the physician who treated Kaidence, she had also suffered multiple rib fractures in the weeks prior to her death. The breaks indicated...

Doctors Hospital of Augusta now trauma center but not all are pleased

...Beyond volume concerns, Ferdinand said he fears a patient being sent to Doctors, which does not have to have the treating physician on site as long as the response happens within 30 minutes, could then be evaluated, and still shipped to GRMC ultimately...

Jury deliberating in murder case against Navy veteran

...Hughs was the only adult with Kaidence during the weeks in which she suffered the broken ribs and on Feb. 20, 2013.As Kaidence's final treating physician testified, the broken ribs indicated chronic abuse, Myers argued in closing.

Following Ike's example

In March 1949 Dr. Howard Snyder ? a close friend to Dwight D. Eisenhower and his personal physician ? talked to the former general and future president about his four-pack-a-day cigarette habit.The doctor's advice? Cut...

Docs hate cyber red tape

...medico-legal liability.Krauthammer justifiably takes aim at the now-required electronic health record as a factor for physician dissatisfaction, stemming from added expense, distraction from direct patient care and Medicare reimbursement penalties...

Most satisfied with health care law coverage, survey finds

...networks.About one in five tried to find a new primary care physician and, of those, 77 percent said it was "very" or "somewhat...percent said they were able to get an appointment with the new physician within two weeks, and 46 percent said they got an appointment...

Mother gets 10-year prison sentence for abusing 3-month-old child

...in physical development because of the abuse.In 2010, a physician at Doctors Hospital called the sheriff's office after treating...other injuries on the girl's 15-month-old sibling. A physician reported that the bite marks and fractures were caused by...

University Hospital violation caused by officer, report states

...Burr said. "So our guys went back inside."The deputy then took the patient to Georgia Regents, where the examining physician noted, "Patient is agitated and aggressive toward staff on initial presentation. Otherwise, hx (history) difficult to...

Poison center fields synthetic pot calls

...noted.Dr. Brenda Fitzgerald, commissioner of the state Department of Public Health, wrote a letter to Georgia doctors and physician assistants in April to warn them about a surge in synthetic marijuana in other Southeastern states.She cited an increase...

Parkinson's won't stop him, Isakson says

...even plays golf weekly."He has continued to maintain his rigorous Senate schedule without difficulty since 2012," the physician wrote.That schedule of long hours, tedious meetings, frequent travel and political stress might cause the healthiest of...