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Leader's bid stirs dissent in party Mr. Whinghter's deft footwork on the last filing day for the April 26 race, a day when eight-year incumbent Phil Mottel forgot to file his papers with the North Augusta Republican Party. Instead of dialing up Mr. Mottel, a fellow Republican...
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N. Augusta budget still not changed Mayor Lark Jones. The reduction was opposed by council members Carolyn Baggott and Ken McDowell, but councilmen Phil Mottel and Don Smith still want to delete the whole amount. "It was a compromise move," Mr. Jones told council members...
Council denies casino annex request

...wanted. The unanimous no vote was a stunning change from two previous votes when Councilmen Don Smith, Kent Sullivan, Phil Mottel and Ken McDowell formed a majority in support of Mr. Martin's request. But at Monday night's council meeting before...
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NAACP may push council on districts

...He lives on Georgia Avenue. Three council members live in the same neighborhood. Council members Ken McDowell and Phil Mottel live on Bolin Road, while councilwoman Carolyn Baggott lives nearby on Mountside Drive. Tuesday's election to fill...
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...night, none of whom faced opposition. Council member Arthur Shealy received 254 votes, Pat Carpenter 245 votes and Phil Mottel 252 votes. Mayor Lark Jones received 255 votes. The election was essentially decided in February at the Republican...
Supports re-election of S.C. governor

...nothing less than the best leader with a proven track record of accomplishments for South Carolina. Gov. David Beasley is that leader and he deserves a second term as he leads this state into the 21st Century. Phil Mottel, North Augusta
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No. Augusta decision council members are running for re-election. Jones has no opponent and the three incumbents - Pat Carpenter, Phil Mottel and Shealy - are being challenged by Harry Weigle. The three top vote-getters will be declared the winners. Two...
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Key North Augusta forum

...local government but who says he has "always wanted to be mayor." Two City Council incumbents, Pat Carpenter and Phil Mottel, are running again and they're challenged by John Felak, Danny Geddes, Don Smith and Ken McDowell in the communitywide...
Food bank expands its warehouse in Aiken

...hungry in the area. "The people in the community always respond to those in need," Mr. Forde said. On Dec. 21, Phil Mottel, of Washington Savannah River Co., presented the food bank with a $2,000 check for its eighth annual Holiday Turkey...
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Council votes against Army tank in park

...monuments to veterans of every war Americans have fought in since the Revolutionary War. Councilmen Jimmy Adams and Phil Mottel said the decision not to put the tank in the park was more about the appropriateness of the location. "As a veteran...
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