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Johnny Knoxville raises heck in 'Dukes of Hazzard'

...critically trashed dark comedy "Grand Theft Parsons" from 2003. Knoxville stars as Gram Parsons' road manager, Phil Kaufman, who steals the singer-songwriter's body to set it ablaze in Joshua Tree National Park. "After that movie - I...
This year's peaches, small and sweet, and low in price

...the difference between what growers get for their fruit and what the consumer has to pay for it, said USDA economist Phil Kaufman. The varying costs of shipping, preparation, transportation and marketing make it difficult to track the origin of...
Fans pay tribute to star from Waycross

...screens, which has been discussed. Fulfilling a pledge to prevent Parsons from having a boring funeral, road manager Phil Kaufman hijacked his body from the Los Angeles International Airport and took it to Joshua Tree National Monument for a nighttime...