Pharmaceutical industry may benefit from Republican win

...There's no doubt that the pharmaceutical industry triumphed along with the...appropriate. Experts say the pharmaceutical industry's heavy spending in the...the administration. The pharmaceutical industry was the ninth largest political...

Safety issues plagues pharmaceutical industry

NEW YORK -- The pharmaceutical industry endured a disastrous 2004, and the aftermath will linger into the new year. Regulators at the Food and Drug Administration already...

Pharmaceutical lobbying sparks controversy

NEW YORK -- The pharmaceutical industry is under fire for bankrolling...Taking money from the pharmaceutical industry does beg questions of the...Commission, to determine if pharmaceutical industry lobbyists were violating...

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Health groups battle plan

...Health care and patient groups backed by the pharmaceutical industry are battling the state of Georgia's health...Manufacturers of America, the trade group for the pharmaceutical industry, often referred to as PhRMA. "PhRMA was involved...

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Job cuts highlight industry pressure

...shuttering several plants is as much a reflection of pharmaceutical industry belt-tightening as of Merck's financial...its costs. Augusta layoffs Cutbacks in the pharmaceutical industry were felt locally this week as the first round...

Bartenders using high-tech tools to add flair to high-end mixology

...will be," says Coronado. "But I'm very curious and I like to find my way around things. In the case of cocktails, I'm able to have the luxury of having specialty machines that people in the pharmaceutical industry have."

Science, industry economics, patients are boosting research on rare disease drugs - and hope

TRENTON, N.J. - The global pharmaceutical industry is pouring billions of dollars into developing treatments for rare diseases, which once drew little interest from major drugmakers...

Not just Ebola: Drugs manufactured in tobacco plants being tested against array of diseases

...valuable proteins for medicines. That approach, studied for about 20 years, hasn't caught on widely in the pharmaceutical industry.But some companies and academic labs are pursuing it to create medicines and vaccines against such targets...

New once-a-day pill for hepatitis C wins FDA approval

...reducing the price to about $63,000.But patient advocates on Friday renewed their criticism of Gilead and the pharmaceutical industry trend toward sky-high drug pricing."When history is written, this is going to be the breaking point where...

AstraZeneca rejects sweetened Pfizer takeover bid

...said it is considering its options.Proposed deals to swap assets or acquire other companies are roiling the pharmaceutical industry. Many companies are narrowing their product and research focus to their areas of expertise to save money. They...