Georgia officials want Palmetto Pipeline company's appeal dismissed

...courts to find that a benefit to Palmetto's suppliers guarantees a benefit to the consumers who ultimately buy petroleum products, " they write. "GDOT asks, respectfully, what is wrong with this picture?"

Consumers enjoying lower energy costs amid rout in prices of fossil fuels

...retail prices for both are down 27 percent.Reason: When oil prices fall, the cost for refiners to turn it into petroleum products and fuels goes down. U.S. refineries have been running at full strength, and big new refineries in Saudi Arabia...

SC now pushing back on proposed Palmetto Pipeline

...the Attorney General's advisory opinion that a petroleum products pipeline company is not a 'pipeline company' under...revenues and safe and efficient transportation of petroleum products that will result in lower prices at the pump and...

More seek to join case against Palmetto Pipeline

...new court documents as well."Where the public has, and will continue to have, an adequate supply of refined petroleum products at reasonable prices, public convenience and necessity is already served," wrote Deputy Attorney General Wright...

South Carolina Attorney General opinion fuels bills against Kinder Morgan's pipelines

...one that favors the corporation."We respectfully disagree with the attorney general's advisory opinion that a petroleum products pipeline company is not a 'pipeline company' under the clear language of the statute in question," spokeswoman...

Kinder Morgan appeals Georgia DOT decision against the Palmetto Pipeline in its certificate of need request

...Attorney General Alan Wilson has not yet issued an opinion.McMurry based his denial on the fact that consumption of petroleum products across all sectors are forecast to remain unchanged over the next 25 years; that fuel consumption in Georgia peaked...

SC considers possible pipeline-related laws

...government affairs professionals" to educate lawmakers rather than to lobby them.The 360-mile pipeline would move petroleum products from Belton, S.C., to Jacksonville, Fla., and carry 167,000 barrels per day of diesel, gasoline and ethanol...

As US oil production soars, so do pipeline accidents

...1995, there have been more than 2,000 significant accidents involving pipelines carrying crude oil and refined petroleum products that have caused about $3 billion in property damage, according to data from the federal office that oversees...

Georgia DOT has until Tuesday to act on pipeline application

...recent statistics, 99.999 percent of crude oil and petroleum product barrels delivered by pipeline reach their destination...Institute, pipelines were responsible for 80 percent of petroleum products spilled between 1998 and 2007.Caley also said...

Route unclear as May 19 deadline nears for DOT to decide whether to grant OK for Palmetto Pipeline

...lack of transparency in the process. "My position is . . . it doesn't look to me like we have a shortage of petroleum products," Hitchens said. "It doesn't look to me like it'll do a whole lot for our area." Burns agreed. "It would...