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Social media policy strictness differs among police agencies

...remarks, urged fellow law enforcement officers to "keep it up."It is hard to know exactly how many officers have personal Web pages in the Augusta area, but none of the sheriff's offices in Richmond, Columbia and Aiken counties have reported...
Across Georgia

...May 7, Valdosta State President Ronald Zaccari expelled Mr. Barnes in response to a collage he had posted on a personal Web page satirizing the school's two planned parking decks. A free-speech advocacy group says the expulsion violates...
Personal Web pages offer glimpses into shattered lives

BOSTON - It's like countless Internet photo albums: An adorable baby girl aglow at Christmas, at her baptism, in a skunk costume for Halloween - joined in some frames by one or both of her smiling parents.
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How to pick a new Internet service provider

...what modem speeds are supported, how many e-mail address you'd get and whether the ISP gives free space for personal Web pages. Most ISPs cost $20 or so a month for unlimited use. If you see a super-cheap plan, check if there's a catch...
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Popular portals have their ups and downs The site also offers space for you to post a personal Web page, and a "Go.Guardian" option attempts to keep...good, given the number of choices. You can set up a personal Web page at the Tripod and Angelfire branches of Lycos...
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Computer programs will live on the Net, not your PC

...and synchronize it automatically, too. Other features let you painlessly move your bookmarks from your PC to your personal Web page, and to link that page directly to Citibank's Web Banking system. The final deal maker: less maintenance and...
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Lost? The Web can tell you where to go

...uncool. There are much better ways. Take a look at my personal Web page (go to for some alternatives...clicking on the "E-mail Lou Dolinar" line on my personal Web page. If you haven't figured out how e-mail links...
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Web pages aren't hard to manipulate

...a tilde followed by the user's name, as in dolinar) is a fairly standard way that ISPs format addresses for personal Web pages. Now, go up into File Menu and try saving the page to your own hard disk on your desktop. Give it the name index...
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Cyberspace shrine created by fan of opera star Norman

...Medical College of Georgia. Mr. Burch, a baritone in the Augusta Choral Society, has dedicated a portion of his personal Web page to the Augusta native, who performs tonight at Paine College's Gilbert-Lambuth Chapel. He created the cyberspace...
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Music site rocks news online

...Courtney Love has ever posted. Yet it's hard to get good, solid rock music information and criticism. Fans' personal Web pages to their idols can be spotty and incomplete. Copyright laws stop others from reprinting worthy interviews and reviews...