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Investing driven by fear

...this right," said Tiwana Watson, 22, an Augusta State student with a 6-week-old son. She's taking a personal finance class with Professor Joseph Green, whose goal is to teach his students enough about stocks, mutual funds and real...
Credit cards in college can mean trouble

...half and combined all of her accounts onto one Visa with a 5.9 annual percentage rate. "I learned from my personal finance class to keep one credit card and keep switching companies in order to always have a low APR, because most companies...
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How can my college kid avoid credit card debt?

...with them periodically to see how they're doing. Less than 15 percent of high school students ever attend a personal finance class, Dvorkin said, so most young people must learn the fiscal facts of life at home. If you're not sure where...
Bill requires high school personal finance classes

...students avoid falling into credit card debt during their first year of college by requiring them to complete a personal finance class to graduate from high school. James Bryan, social studies coordinator for the state Education Department, told...
Alexander spending final semester on the field, in the classroom

...taking four classes this fall to help him prepare for the future. He's taking a legal documents class and a personal finance class "so I'll always know what I'm signing." Then there's a golf class for "those business deals on the greens...