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Know how much computer your child needs - Keyboard - Memory - Microphone - Modems - Monitors - Motherboard - Mouse - Operational software - Personal digital assistant devices (except those allowing voice communication) - Printers and cartridges - Router - Scanners - Screen...
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Technology doesn't hinder demand for business cards

...personal computer to download catalogs or company information. Although infrared business cards, transferred via personal digital assistants, have become increasingly popular, some say the 3-by-2-inch standards will always be a sign of prestige...
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...scanners; printers; fax machines; cell phones; corded and cordless phones; answering machines; pagers; and personal digital assistants. Unacceptable items include TVs and electric or microwave ovens. For more information, call Cheryl Wynn...
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You'd better think

...targeting those of the generation accustomed to getting their work done in front of a computer screen or on personal digital assistants. "We're seeing more baby boomers worry about this, and it's really with good reason," said Bruce Friedman...
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Sales tax savings start today

...accessories up to $1,500 per transaction (such as monitors, base units, printers, nonrecreational software and personal digital assistants - PDAs - as long as they also do not function as a phone) - Energy Star-labeled merchandise up to $1...
Review: Ultra-mobile PC needs improvements

...stylus. It's the first time Microsoft has made a push for touch screens outside of its cell-phone and personal-digital-assistant software. The concept is similar to the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, which launched in 2002, but Microsoft...
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More medical schools requiring PDAs

...allergies and family history. Afterward, Boyd stepped into the hallway and recorded the information on his personal digital assistant. Brown recently joined a growing number of medical and nursing schools - including the University of Michigan...
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Cell phone industry steps closer to voice over Wi-Fi

...landline giants AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp., said it was looking at the technology and already supports a personal digital assistant that receives data on Wi-Fi and cellular networks. But analysts said Cingular is concerned that offering...
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...Circuit City store in the 200 block of Robert C. Daniel Jr. Parkway said two men took a notebook computer, two personal digital assistant devices and a piece of peripheral equipment Friday afternoon. Suspect is charged in Aiken store theft Aiken...
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Shoppers take advantage of tax holiday

...boxes - Calculators - Musical instruments - Clothes - Notebooks - Scout uniforms - Umbrellas - Home supplies such as bedding, shower curtains, towels and pillows - Shoes - Lingerie - Personal digital assistants - Printers and supplies
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