Customers seek smaller rental cars

...with rental car companies to rent small to midsize cars. "The state provides mileage reimbursement if you drive your personal car, but there's a test to make sure you're using the most reasonable cost option," said Dan Whitfield, ASU's...

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Business licenses

...Tenn. Enterprise Jones, 1838 Wrightsboro Road Evan Buller Home Restorations, 5526 Coxville Road, Thomson Evans Personal Car Care, 3095 Deans Bridge Road F.L. Handy & Associates, 1290 Broad St. Floyd's Home Improvement, 2526 Milledgeville...

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Driving analysis shows risky times

...Licensing and Regulation found that wrecks involving workers happened while they were driving company vehicles or their personal cars for business. "That's probably because more workers are on the highway, particularly those who are delivery people...

Patrick hopes to catch a break in Florida race

...FORMULA ONE: In Melbourne, Australia, Lewis Hamilton apologized for his "over exuberant" driving after his personal car was impounded by police near the entrance to the Australian Grand Prix on Friday.The 2008 F1 champion was charged...

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Careful growth plan leads credit union to Evans site

...distinctions, though. Banks aim to make most of their money with commercial loans, while credit unions typically focus on personal car and home loans. The profit is pumped back into the cooperative and allows for lower borrowing rates and a suite of...

Ford see future with fuel cells, trains, 'smart' airbags

...Ford introduced the Thunderbird in 1954 at Detroit's first postwar auto show. The two-seater was marketed as a "personal car" rather than a sports car, and its features leaned toward stylish. The company considered 5,000 names, including...

N.A. police thinks it's highway patrol

...Why? The fact of the matter is they break all the laws they should uphold in their patrol cars, as well as in their personal cars, with their gray and blue stickers that let fellow officers know "I'm the law, so don't stop me." Let the...

Across the area: Police seek 2 men in weekend shooting

...with bird shot in the lower extremities, Lt. Frank said. Mr. Young was taken to Aiken Regional Medical Centers in a personal car. He was arrested on unrelated misdemeanor charges after his release from the hospital, sheriff's officials said...

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Track a hurdle for Jarrett

MARTINSVILLE, Va. -- Dale Jarrett could be excused if he shudders every time he drives his personal car into Martinsville Speedway. The nearly-flat, .526-mile oval in the hills of southern Virginia has not been a very welcoming...

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Lawmaker confesses to fraud

...two Jacksonville Jaguars club seat season tickets, $2,500 was used to help make lease payments for Ms. Dozier's personal car, $1,500 went toward Ms. Dozier's personal account and $1,300 was used to pay private school tuition for Ms...