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Vegetable oil is man's chosen fuel for clean driving

...oil take over the engine's needs. Sometimes, he pumps BD20 into the tank. The biodiesel fuel is made from 20 percent vegetable oil and 80 percent diesel. Biodiesel is sold at a Suffolk station, he says. Diesel and biodiesel are interchangeable...
Study over health benefits of farm-raised fish raises new conundrum

...Norwegian scientists showed that people who ate salmon fed on pure vegetable oil or on 50 percent fish oil and 50 percent vegetable oil did not get any meaningful improvement in the relevant blood tests. The study was small, involving 58 people...
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The hidden fat

...trans fat flies under the radar, food labeled "low in saturated fat," "cholesterol-free" or "made with 100 percent vegetable oil" can have so much trans fat that consumers focused on heart-healthy food wouldn't touch many of these products...
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