Diet Pepsi gets rid of aspartame, but will customers return?

NEW YORK - A revamped Diet Pepsi without aspartame is popping up on store...the soda?PepsiCo says its new Diet Pepsi should be available nationally this week...PepsiCo.At least in the short term, Diet Pepsi sales are likely to see bump from the...

Diet Pepsi will drop aspertame

...says it's dropping aspartame from Diet Pepsi in response to customer worries and replacing...cancers in men.Executives at Coke and Pepsi blame the declines on perceptions that...said Seth Kaufman, the vice president of Pepsi.In tests, Kaufman said, people still...

Recleim will be Pepsi's choice for regeneration

...will end up in Graniteville upon retirement. Pepsi Bottling Ventures, the largest privately held Pepsi-Cola bottler in North America, has an agreement...machines, fountain drink units and other Pepsi parts. Recleim will transport retired equipment...

Pepsi says Coke monopolizes fountain sales

NEW YORK -- Pepsi accused Coke on Thursday of monopolizing the...take away Coke from distributors that carried Pepsi as well. The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court here comes as Pepsi-Cola Co. has only recently positioned itself...

Pepsi's top marketing officer quits

NEW YORK -- Pepsi-Cola Co.'s top marketing executive...Brian Swette, a 17-year veteran at Pepsi who spent the last two years as its chief...to go out and run a business." He said Pepsi has known of his ambitions for a year...

Pepsi now official baseball soft drink

NEW YORK - Pepsi is now the official soft drink of major...sponsorship deal since the 1994 strike is with Pepsi-Cola Co., the second-biggest U...in 24 of the 28 major league ballparks. Pepsi is in the remaining four. Rick Rock...

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Pepsi to buy Tropicana Seagram for $3.3 billion

NEW YORK -- Pepsi is marching toward the breakfast table...announced Monday, adds a new page to Pepsi's menu as it competes with Coca-Cola...Twisters. The juices will be added to a Pepsi buffet that includes the world's second-most...

Pepsi shirt incident gains world notice

The Pepsi-shirt-on-Coke-Day incident at Greenbrier...day of in-house suspension for wearing a Pepsi shirt on Coke Education Day last Friday...corporation plans to give him a supply of Pepsi shirts and hats. "We put a package in overnight...

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Pepsi's potent drink

...Indians believed the guarana berries in Pepsi's new Josta soft-drink contain "raw...chase women" and "party till dawn." Pepsi doesn't actually call its new drink an...campaign that hints at hidden powers. Pepsi has used Augusta as a test market for the...

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Coke, Pepsi to square off in battle for dieters' dollars

CHICAGO -- Coke and Pepsi, trying to put more fizz into their soda...carbs and calories. Coke's C2 and Pepsi's Edge are to hit the market nationally...Buck, in Ragersville, Ohio. Sipping Pepsi Edge from a paper cup, she said the soda...