Fort Gordon, SRS funds caught in Obama's defense bill veto

...This bill instead resorts to gimmicks that do not allow the Pentagon to do what it needs to do," he said.In an unusual veto...simple message: "Let's do this right."Obama agrees that Pentagon spending should increase, but only if domestic programs are...

Rants & Raves

...chess or checkers? Neither. Putin is playing Stratego (for keepers) while Obama is playing spin the bottle. THE PENTAGON HALTS a program to train and equip Syrian fighters. But where is the half-billion dollars already spent? Somebody got it...

A tale of two sergeants

...said in a statement to Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., who has advocated for the decorated Green Beret currently under a Pentagon-imposed gag order. "The severity of the rapes and the lack of action by the Afghan government caused many of the locals...

Tough questions went easy on Obama

...troglodytes of ISIS.And that Syrian rebel training program? What an unforced error! What a staggering humiliation for the Pentagon.They are now left with the unceremonious dropping of U.S. armaments out of planes, presumably with a "Good Luck...


...hutlike structure. At Chichibu, northwest of Tokyo, scientists found what appear to be 10 post holes forming two irregular pentagons, as they would if supporting two huts side-by-side. The volcanic ash layer in which the holes rest is about 500,000...

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Amateurs the unsung heros of science, math

...combinations of sides and angles of pentagons on 3-by-5 cards. She...she had found new kinds of pentagons that could tile. She sent...Rice had come up with 58 pentagon tilings, most of them previously...patterns and three more types of pentagons, all of which were important...

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Quick hits

...two teams, formed intricate alliances, and created interesting and sometimes disgusting love triangles (and squares and pentagons). THE VERDICT: Very entertaining and -- let's face it -- who doesn't love reality TV? MY GRADE: B+ -- Lauren...

Sen. Johnny Isakson says U.S. 'on point' in cybersecurity

...hacking federal data in the past year, Isakson said senior Pentagon officials are doing all they can to prevent future cyberattacks...guy who develops a new approach."After officials at the Pentagon and Fort Gordon briefed him on cyberdefense missions nationwide...

Georgia military members get consumer help

...together on prosecutions but say they will work more closely in the future.The director of service-member affairs in the Pentagon's Financial Protection Bureau, Holly Petraeus, was present to confirm her agency's participation.The intelligence they...

No shutdown: House approves bill to keep government open

...likely to focus on swapping near-term budget increases for the Pentagon and domestic programs for longer-term saving elsewhere in...House speaker, hasn't said whether he supports a deal.The Pentagon and domestic agencies all are still operating under automatic...