...hutlike structure. At Chichibu, northwest of Tokyo, scientists found what appear to be 10 post holes forming two irregular pentagons, as they would if supporting two huts side-by-side. The volcanic ash layer in which the holes rest is about 500,000...

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Amateurs the unsung heros of science, math

...combinations of sides and angles of pentagons on 3-by-5 cards. She...she had found new kinds of pentagons that could tile. She sent...Rice had come up with 58 pentagon tilings, most of them previously...patterns and three more types of pentagons, all of which were important...

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Quick hits

...two teams, formed intricate alliances, and created interesting and sometimes disgusting love triangles (and squares and pentagons). THE VERDICT: Very entertaining and -- let's face it -- who doesn't love reality TV? MY GRADE: B+ -- Lauren...

City Ink: Let's hope Pentagon took eyes off Augusta

...because Cyber Command is coming to town, and the Pentagon is watching."They're looking at us every...them in March. "That comes directly from the Pentagon."We can only hope the Pentagon had already left town for the Fourth of July...

Pentagon helps Hollywood filmmakers

...behind-the-scenes influence of the Pentagon as to the vision of Hollywood filmmakers...equipment for movies and TV shows, the Pentagon gets an advance look at scripts and has...show all that cool equipment and the Pentagon wants the story told in terms that are...

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Army knew facts on Iraqi weapons, Pentagon acknowledges

...demolish those bunkers, according to a Pentagon study released Tuesday. The study said...some incredible derelictions." A top Pentagon official said the failures were "troubling...advisory committee recently accused the Pentagon of conducting a superficial investigation...

Report: Pentagon housing plan will save less than expected

WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon's plan to use private developers...concludes. While the program will mean the Pentagon can spend less money building new housing...investigative arm of Congress, said the Pentagon has greatly exaggerated the savings...

Pentagon: Missile interceptor missed target over Pacific

...WASHINGTON -- In an apparent setback on the Pentagon's drive to develop a national missile...California but failed to hit the target, a Pentagon official announced. "An intercept was...have provided a dramatic boost to the Pentagon's effort to show missile defense can...

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Pentagon struggling to overcome troops' fear of vaccine

...with a small but vocal resistance, the Pentagon is struggling to overcome what officials...wrote of being used as "guinea pigs." Pentagon officials are fighting back with their...background, receiving his vaccine shot. The Pentagon's Web page also features a "Fact vs...

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Travelers can see scars of Sept. 11 on Pentagon

...notice the gray limestone facade of the Pentagon is tinted slightly darker in spots...chapel built within the impact zone of the Pentagon now serves as a place of reflection for...feet from the now-repaired face of the Pentagon's west faEcade. Proponents of the...

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