Rants & Raves

...WANT TO know why it is allowed for a man who burned and raped a victim to question her in a trial? NOW OBAMA IS HAVING the Pentagon survey potential sites inside the U.S. for the terrorists being held at the Gitmo prison. The most logical site would be...

South Carolina, Kansas governors warn administration they'll sue if Guantanamo detainees sent to their states

...as a potential site to house detainees and that she would not "allow South Carolina to be a magnet for terrorists." The Pentagon has said it will send a survey team to the military prison in South Carolina by month's end, and a similar assessment was...

Rangers support fellow women graduates at news conference

...when others were too fatigued to lift another ounce.As the Pentagon weighs a decision on allowing women to serve in combat jobs...special forces units. That could change next year after the Pentagon makes its recommendations.At a news conferenceThursday...


...protecting its interests don't have a problem with women being part of "the tip of the spear," why should anyone?The Pentagon ended the formal ban on women in combat roles in 2013, but the Army and other services have until January to decide the extent...

Armed man stands guard near military recruiting offices

The Pentagon's plea for Americans not to take up arms to guard military recruitment centers did not stop Martinez resident Jim Stachowiak...

Bottom line

The Supreme Court once ruled that the First Amendment trumped even national security in the case of the Pentagon Papers.But apparently, protecting the horrific practices of the abortion industry is more important than even national security...

Military announces plan to lift transgender ban

...barriers to military service, saying the Pentagon's current regulations banning transgender...council's executive vice president. "The Pentagon must answer whether this proposed policy...weeks of high-level meetings in the Pentagon among military chiefs, secretaries and...


...hutlike structure. At Chichibu, northwest of Tokyo, scientists found what appear to be 10 post holes forming two irregular pentagons, as they would if supporting two huts side-by-side. The volcanic ash layer in which the holes rest is about 500,000...

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Amateurs the unsung heros of science, math

...combinations of sides and angles of pentagons on 3-by-5 cards. She...she had found new kinds of pentagons that could tile. She sent...Rice had come up with 58 pentagon tilings, most of them previously...patterns and three more types of pentagons, all of which were important...

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Quick hits

...two teams, formed intricate alliances, and created interesting and sometimes disgusting love triangles (and squares and pentagons). THE VERDICT: Very entertaining and -- let's face it -- who doesn't love reality TV? MY GRADE: B+ -- Lauren...