Where are the questions?

Just last Friday, the Pentagon assured us that the terrorists of ISIS were on the run. Not to worry.By Monday, ISIS had overrun the key city of Ramadi, leaving...

Lipstick on an earmark

...Faye.We wish lawmakers would realize pork-barrel spending is more than wasteful ? it's dangerous. Every dollar the Pentagon spends on non-defense missions ? such as the $20 million "alternative energy" research program ? is one less dollar...

Jack Bailey

...Panama. His most rewarding assignments were serving in the Joint Chief of Staff and also the Chief of Staff of the Army at the Pentagon. He retired from the Army in 1973 and was an active member of Woodlawn United Methodist Church, the Augusta Chapter of TROA...

Frank Ewald Jr.

...commissioned Captain U.S. Army Medical Corp 1976. Dr. Ewald served as General Medical Officer, U.S. Army Health Clinic, The Pentagon from 1977-1980. He was promoted to Major U.S. Army Reserves 1982 and Lieutenant Colonel 1989. Military Awards: Bronze...


...hutlike structure. At Chichibu, northwest of Tokyo, scientists found what appear to be 10 post holes forming two irregular pentagons, as they would if supporting two huts side-by-side. The volcanic ash layer in which the holes rest is about 500,000...

Life & style
Amateurs the unsung heros of science, math

...combinations of sides and angles of pentagons on 3-by-5 cards. She...she had found new kinds of pentagons that could tile. She sent...Rice had come up with 58 pentagon tilings, most of them previously...patterns and three more types of pentagons, all of which were important...

XXX Technology
Quick hits

...two teams, formed intricate alliances, and created interesting and sometimes disgusting love triangles (and squares and pentagons). THE VERDICT: Very entertaining and -- let's face it -- who doesn't love reality TV? MY GRADE: B+ -- Lauren...

City Ink: Let's hope Pentagon took eyes off Augusta

...because Cyber Command is coming to town, and the Pentagon is watching."They're looking at us every...them in March. "That comes directly from the Pentagon."We can only hope the Pentagon had already left town for the Fourth of July...

A medal of dishonor

...desertion and misconduct ? walked into enemy hands unarmed and of his own free will after deliberately abandoning his base. The Pentagon had said as much when he disappeared in 2009.That's why House Republicans in late 2011 rebuffed the Obama administration's...

South Carolina Senate panel approves bill to drop wait for out-of-state veterans to get in-state tuition

...the quality of South Carolina's workforce.They also argued it makes the state more "military friendly" and will blunt Pentagon moves to close or reduce the size of the state's military installations."This is the right thing to do, and it's also...