Doctors urge caution in prescribing medical marijuana to kids

...other treatment option, the nation's most influential pediatricians group says in a new policy.Some parents insist that medical...University.The academy's qualified support might lead more pediatricians to prescribe medical marijuana, but the group says pediatric...

Pediatricians urged to help smokers quit

...need to stop."You as pediatricians have access to smokers...counselor.The advantage pediatricians have is that the majority...visit with their child's pediatrician than their own doctor. Pediatricians also have the opportunity...

Group blasts hospital over in-house McDonald's

...of the new Children's Hospital in 1998 "was discussed very intensively," said Dr. Charles Linder, the hospital's pediatrician-in-chief.Some felt "this is a comfort food thing, it's something the children and families will enjoy having in...

Augusta pediatrician pens story of growing up to be a doctor

Local pediatrician pens story of lifeDr. Jerry Miller...The Dropout, The Legend, and The Pediatrician, a story of a boy growing up in the...allowing the reader to experience the pediatrician's joyful triumphs, his deep sorrows...

Pediatricians: children should watch less TV

...the academy said, and pediatricians should take a "media history...games and the Internet. The pediatrician could then counsel parents...believe broadcasters and pediatricians were at odds over the issue...children's TV shows dispute pediatricians' recommendations NEW YORK...

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Pediatricians hit by Medicaid payout cut

...and hits hospitals in the wallet. Pediatricians are the most likely to bar new Medicaid...supplies that doctors have to pay for. Pediatricians with a lot of Medicaid patients - typically...according to a host of published reports. Pediatricians' incomes average $160,000 nationally...

Pediatricians forced to deny flu shots to some

...Terrence Cook, an Augusta allergist, said he is hearing from pediatricians who are upset that they have not received seasonal influenza...physician to check who was given those shots. That puts pediatricians in the position of having to deny a Medicaid child a shot...

Rising reports of autism prompt pediatricians' guidelines

...guidelines are an attempt to help pediatricians become more familiar with the...said Dr. Adrian Sandler, a pediatrician from Asheville, N.C...showing it had no benefits. Pediatricians should nonetheless be knowledgeable...

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Health network for kids aims for better care

...prove ment Coalition is joining 1,500 pediatricians in Georgia and the state's five children's...the chairman of pediatrics and the pediatrician-in-chief of the Children's Hospital...many counties lack even primary care pediatricians, much less specialists, he said...

Parent pressure cited in overuse of antibiotics

...be efficient, is the major reason pediatricians prescribe antibiotics to children who...Pelton and Jerome O. Klein surveyed 610 pediatricians around the country who are members...to determine how parents influence pediatricians' prescribing practices, as well as...

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