Augusta pediatrician pens story of growing up to be a doctor

Local pediatrician pens story of lifeDr. Jerry Miller...The Dropout, The Legend, and The Pediatrician, a story of a boy growing up in the...allowing the reader to experience the pediatrician's joyful triumphs, his deep sorrows...

I-20 wreck kills Augusta pediatrician, his wife

...Lisa Unger Schoer said of her grandson's 79-year-old pediatrician. "I know there are new things that come out, but there's...relationship that Schoer chose to send her children to her childhood pediatrician.Later, Schoer's daughter also chose to send her son...

Pediatrician charged in drug distribution

An Augusta pediatrician charged with illegally distributing prescription painkillers surrendered to authorities at the Richmond County jail Wednesday...

100-year-old pediatrician still practicing after 70 years

ALPHARETTA, Ga. -- After seven decades of practicing medicine, 100-year-old pediatrician Leila Denmark dispenses the same advice to mothers that she always has: Don't pick them up every time they cry; don't feed...

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Christ Community clinics expand childhood reading efforts

Nine-month-old Dedrick Willis Jr. reached out for the book with drooling intent, and his pediatrician, Dr. Jon a than Davis, is OK with that."If he wants to put it in his mouth, that's fine," Davis said as the boy grasped...

Children's prompt care opens in Augusta

A local pediatrician has opened a children's prompt...resources for ill children after their pediatrician's office closed or when a last-minute...the office.Getts practiced as a pediatrician for nine years in the U.S. Army...

Patients honor longtime pediatrician

...adoring mother wrapped her arms around the longtime Aiken pediatrician's neck Sunday, sadly telling him how much he'll be missed...native closed his practice on Trafalgar Lane after serving as pediatrician and friend to many of Aiken's families. More than 250...

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Group blasts hospital over in-house McDonald's

...of the new Children's Hospital in 1998 "was discussed very intensively," said Dr. Charles Linder, the hospital's pediatrician-in-chief.Some felt "this is a comfort food thing, it's something the children and families will enjoy having in...

Girl's death among 500 in one year in community care

...Christen's stool turned black and a couple of days later black and red.On Aug. 23, Fred Ssenjakko took Christen to a pediatrician and saw blood in a stool sample collected. Christen's temperature was 103 degrees. He thought she was going to be hospitalized...

Group will share autism experiences

...seemed odd to me, so I talked to the pediatrician about it," she said.Since they...after starting school, a developmental pediatrician diagnosed him with severe autism...DiBattisto, a developmental behavioral pediatrician, organized an Autism Spectrum Disorder...

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