Bill Kirby | The Augusta Chronicle

...Seventy-three years ago today Augusta ? like many communities around America ? reacted quickly to the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Monday, Dec. 1, 2014 Some of Augusta?s downtown theaters ? the Miller and the Imperial ? are remembered...

Answers to last week's Delphi exercise offer possible peeks into our future

...Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo sealed Japan's doom.Incidentally, the best book on the subject is probably Pearl Harbor: The Verdict of History, by Gordon W. Prange.Perhaps by stretching your minds out to the future, you may be...

Army recruiters absent from Augusta when Japanese struck at Pearl Harbor

...America ? reacted quickly to the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor.Our mayor at the time ? a building supply owner...closed its Augusta recruiting office a month before Pearl Harbor pushed us into World War II.

The next 20 years: Delph exercise helps people bring future into focus

...to Sunday school in the back of an Army truck early on Sunday morning, Dec. 7, 1941. We witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is a day I will never forget. Some scholars have listed Dec. 7, 1941, as the most important single day for...

Prominence of breaking news rarely arguable

...town in Oklahoma on the day of Pearl Harbor. Editors are pitching their best...because the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor. The meeting leader ? I can't...interrupts, alternately saying that Pearl Harbor was bombed or the president has...

What Is It?

...all but halted in the United States after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and car plants were converted to help the war effort...Plymouth appears: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (2000), Pearl Harbor (2001), Racing With the Moon (1984) and Big Sleep...

Tim Rice wants 'From Here to Eternity' new life

...He said he's already gotten some interest from people who want to back it financially.Set in the days before the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941, the dark story follows two U.S. soldiers in Hawaii who fall in love with the wrong women. A 1953...

Targeting lessons from WWII still applicable in modern warfare

...Chester Nimitz assumed command of the Pacific Fleet in Hawaii in late December, 1941, the devastation he observed at Pearl Harbor, Hickam Field, Wheeler Field, Kaneohe Bay and elsewhere was massive. Yet, he was surprisingly upbeat.The brilliant...

Residents share memories of Savannah River, Miller Theater

...married on Aug. 30, 1941, on Labor Day weekend. Our weekly date still stood until the whole word changed on Dec. 7 at Pearl Harbor.? Kathryn McKie, Martinez MY FIRST MEMORIES of the Miller Theater were visits on Friday nights and on Saturday mornings...

You remembered: The Miller Theater

...Dec. 7, 1941 to hear that the Japanese had bombed Pearl Harbor. Broad street was in chaos.? Dot Jones I WILL NEVER...completed I was there watching Sergeant York the day Pearl Harbor was bombed.? William C. Partridge IN THE EARLY 1950S...