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Germany shifts on "war as a last resort"

...Washington even as its leaders pledged to push for a peaceful solution. Germany's new tone at a summit of European leaders...disarmament through the United Nations, stating that a peaceful solution "is what the people of Europe want," and that...
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5 Questions: The Rev. Jerry Ragan, St. Mary on the Hill Catholic Church

...September, he called for a global prayer vigil that a peaceful solution would be found for the Syrian chemical warfare crisis. Days later, a peaceful solution was found. Faith and prayer can change the world...
Britain's Margaret Thatcher dies

...Reagan, who dispatched Secretary of State Alexander Haig on a shuttle mission to London and Buenos Aires to seek a peaceful solution, even as British warships approached the Falklands.The relatively quick triumph of British forces revived Thatcher's...
White House says Russia must deliver on Syrian diplomacy Jordan. "What is he waiting for, another two years of killing until all the Syrians get killed? There is no peaceful solution. If there is no military strike, the crisis will never be solved."
Prefers peaceful solution in Kosovo

The United States, along with a very reluctant NATO, grossly underestimated the will and determination of the Serbs in Yugoslavia. Our administration, in its infinite ignorance and stupidity, failed to take into consideration the culture, patriotism and history of the Serbs. Unfortunately, our legislative branch of government is paralyzed with fright since the impeachment hearings.
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U.N. secretary-general urges peaceful solution to Iraq

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. -- United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan urged the United States on Saturday to work with other countries to avoid a new Persian Gulf war. He also warned Iraq that if it doesn't cooperate the U.N. could make "a grim choice."\r\n
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...Greece's foreign minister said Friday the truce is seeking to create "a vital window of opportunity for the peaceful solution of conflicts." The truce goes back to the ancient tradition of an Olympic truce between warring city-states during...
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U.S. and Britain making last push for peace

...Vladimir Putin. Putin's press office said the Russian leader had briefed Blair on Moscow's attempts to find a peaceful solution to the Iraq crisis. Russia and fellow U.N. Security Council permanent members France and China are opposed to...
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American people should show Iraq that we are unified

...comply with U.N. resolutions. Do they even deserve more time? I, like most Americans, wish there could be a peaceful solution. I have an 18-year-old son who could possibly be called to serve his country in this or some future war. I...
Church holds peace vigil

...the pastor from Augusta's Greene Street Presbyterian Church invited people of all faiths to pray together for a peaceful solution to the war in Iraq. About 20 participants sang as a congregation and listened to prayers in English, Arabic and...