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PDA: How much is too much?

Public display of affection (PDA) is becoming more of a controversial issue...Though, what is going too far? In schools, PDA is not tolerated, but teens always find...older generations. There is no doubt that PDA has increased over the years, but should...
2 mch obsessiv PDA n skool

...couples in tha hall who take the term "PDA" 2 higher levels. Not only do i find this...are the translations: Too much obsessive PDA in school When I walk through the halls...obnoxious couples in the hall who take the term PDA, or public displays of affection, to higher...
Which PDA is right for me?

...add-on memory, despite being about half the size of a Pocket PC PDA. Finally, there are the low-budget PDAs and organizers made...but without the style cachet. If you're on the fence about a PDA - and maybe still using paper and pen - a Royal could be your...
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Widgets, gadgets and gizmos only a Palm user could love

...Works, a Half Keyboard ($99.95) from Matias Corp and a USB PDA Adapter ($39) from Keyspan. The GamePad attaches to the bottom...touch-typists and those of us that are all thumbs to insanity. The USB PDA Adapter allows you to attach your Palm's synchronization cradle...
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The world's tiniest phone and other novelty gifts

...fits on a key chain. Measuring 3-3/4 inches by 1-1/4 inch, the PDA stores the names, phone numbers and birthdays of up to 120 people. To download that data into the PDA's memory, you simply type the information you want on the manufacturer's...
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PDA stands for Pretty Darn Aggravating

Maybe my duddies are too fuddied, but it's hard to see PDAs as anything but Pretty Darn Aggravating.
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Techbits: Gates book, Hard drive PDA, and more

SEATTLE - Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates is working on another book, once again about how technology is changing the way we live.
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Newest Sony Clie may be a bit ahead of its time

...clamshell design. Is this James Bond's PDA? Maybe not. At more than 5 inches're making your first foray into the PDA market, you'll probably want to start...convenience of having it integrated with your PDA. What this device does, however, is offer...
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Riding the hotspot with a do-it-your-cell phone

...program from SJ Labs, on my Dell Axim X3, a PDA that runs Microsoft Pocket PC 2003. cell phone works pretty well. The PDA's built-in browser opens up hotspots...noise, probably because I was using the PDA's built-in microphone. Also, sound...
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Your style the Forums or Chat. Subscribe E-mail this story Write a letter to the Editor Printer-friendly version Get news on your PDA Get e-mail headlines THE FACTS: Jennifer Taylor, 14, a freshman at T.W. Josey High School. THE LOOK: Sidonna suit...
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