In a world of distorted realities, unbiased scholarship is refreshing

There was a fascinating recent column in The Augusta Chronicle by Charles Krauthammer about the PBS/BBC miniseries Wolf Hall and its relationship to factual history. This TV show, based on an acclaimed work of historical fiction...

PBS looks at Nixon's resignation through prism of 'The Dick Cavett Show'

NEW YORK - PBS is marking the 40th anniversary of President Richard Nixon's resignation...Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, former Nixon aide John Dean and Cavett. PBS announced it would air Aug. 8 at 9 p.m. ? 40 years to the hour after...

Singer finds own voice through role in Celtic Woman

...one-off project to worldwide singing stars.Originally, Celtic Woman was created for a television special filmed in Ireland. PBS picked up the film of that performance, and it became a popular fundraising program in spring and summer 2005. This helped...

Bradbery to sing on PBS Sunday, in Augusta on Thursday

...Augusta, the country singer from Texas will be seen by millions of PBS viewers on the annual Memorial Day weekend concert broadcast...by the National Symphony Orchestra. The concert airs live on PBS stations at 8 p.m. Sunday, May 25.Brad bery, the 2013...

PBS hires conservative commentator Tucker Carlson for weekly talk show

NEW YORK -- PBS, frequently in the crossfire for a perception...Washington, is expected to launch next June. PBS also announced Monday that it would air David...depends to a large extent on public funding, PBS has long been a target of groups concerned...

Digital format PBS Kids Channel to debut

PASADENA, Calif. -- PBS plans to boost spending on children's...with some money devoted to a 24-hour PBS Kids Channel. The channel scheduled to...Barney & Friends" and "Teletubbies," PBS President Ervin Duggan told the Television...

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Bill Moyers is leaving PBS to write LBJ book

...Moyers, whose weekly magazine "Now" on PBS has capped a 30-year career in TV journalism...its premiere in January 2002. Like most PBS programming, "Now" is funded on an annual...Friday nights at 8:30 p.m. EST on most PBS stations, "Now" is a diverse mix of reports...

PBS debuts high-definition TV with week of specials

...It's not ABC, CBS, NBC, or Fox. Rather PBS, and you'll be able to witness the week-long...experience, industry experts promise. PBS Digital Week begins with "Chihuly Over...executive. Pioneering technology is not new to PBS. The checklist of innovation includes stereo...

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PBS adopts college Internet course

...Internet really is a literacy." The university joined forces with PBS after Hofstetter met Will Philipp, senior director for PBS' adult learning service, at a conference. PBS is testing the course and hopes to officially offer it by the fall...

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PBS hires Michael Getler as ombudsman

NEW YORK - PBS said Wednesday it has hired veteran journalist...finishing a stint as the Post's ombudsman. PBS President Pat Mitchell said establishing...content was an inspiration. All aspects of PBS programming - news, documentaries and fiction...