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More companies use direct deposit

If only all Southern Co.'s employees would opt for direct deposit, the company's payroll manager Buddy Mason says, that would really his job much easier. And it would save the company a lot of money, too. Direct deposit...
Thomson soldier is among 4 killed in Iraq

...Petersen said Mrs. Kinlow has worked for the school system for about nine years. She's currently the system's payroll manager. He said she was notified of the tragedy Monday morning. "We are saddened by the death of James Kinlow," Dr...
Study finds some school salaries low

...71,700.20 ($16,119.20) School Nutrition Program Manager$20,188 $35,850.10 ($15,662.10) Payroll Manager$52,781 $68,441.10 ($15,660.10) Alternative School Principal$82,322 $97,773.00($15,451...
New payroll cards sub for pay, benefit checks

...of our employees are young," said Maria Wagner, payroll manager at West Chester, Pa.-based EB games, estimating...Ecount works just like direct deposit." Bob Hughes, payroll manager for Pittsburg, Texas-based Pilgrim's Pride...
Widow stays strong for children

...out on Saturday to visit family in Lincolnton and going to church on Sunday. She also stays busy during the week as payroll manager for McDuffie County schools.At home, there is a closet of old clothes and boots to remind Kinlow of her husband...
Metro | Iraq
Lisa Meitin

...Meitin worked at Bankers First as an Auditor, then worked in Accounting at the Savannah River Site, and then became Payroll Manager for the Savannah River Nuclear Solutions. She was also a member of the Augusta OBGYN Cancer Support Group. Survivors...