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Madden to 'Monday Night Football'

...exception. "When you have a lopsided game, someone like Madden can help keep the audience tuned in longer," said Paul Schulman, of media buying company Advanswers PHD. "His personality, his knowledge of the game and his sense of humor is...
'Weakest Link' is tart, tense, which debuted at 8 p.m. Monday, could deliver for NBC, one analyst said. "I think it has a shot," said Paul Schulman of the media-buying firm Schulman/Advanswers. "Outside Fox's Boston Public, nothing else is in the 8-9 p...
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ABC will rely on controversial fall ad campaign

...year. "I felt that this was the kind of campaign that should have been done by the No. 1 network," said ad buyer Paul Schulman. ABC "should have been telling people about their new shows. If there's a campaign, let ABC talk about their...
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Advertisers paying through their noses for `Seinfeld' finale

...You have a Super Bowl-type of rating with a lot less ad clutter," said Tom DeCabia, senior vice president at Paul Schulman Co., a media-buying company that has bought one spot for The Gap during the final Seinfeld. "And people are going...
The WB network brings back its three top series

...Hope" will be back. "I think they want to get as much of a leg up on production for next year as they can," said Paul Schulman, an analyst who buys TV time for advertisers. The practice gives the ad buying community an early idea about how...
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Fox says Super Bowl ads sold out at average price of $1.2 million

...advertisers can really depend on it and they have been willing to increase what they pay in small increments," said Paul Schulman, who heads a firm that buys media time. Coca-Cola Co. is returning as a Super Bowl advertiser this year for the...
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ABC cashing in on Lewinsky

...say," said Marc Berman of the advertising firm Seltel. "This is an event. People are going to watch it." But Paul Schulman, who has his own advertising buying firm, predicts an audience share of between 25 and 30. None of his clients have...
NBC sells two commercials for $2 million each on `Seinfeld' finale

...highest-rated shows for the past few years and NBC expects that the final show will attract a huge audience. Media buyer Paul Schulman said NBC will likely get record prices for the show because the evening will probably be TV's top draw of the spring...
Swept Away

...episodes and season and series finales.\r\r"The February sweeps were dull; the May sweeps will be shining," said Paul Schulman, who heads a Manhattan-based media time-buying agency.\r\rRatings from the quarterly sweeps are used by local...
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