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Equality on Supreme Court still far away

...were not for the faithful leadership of women. I may not live long enough to see it, but the Supreme Court should have at least five active women justices. We will be a much better nation when that becomes a reality. Paul L. Cook Augusta
Luckily, people still elect their leaders

...white people by that prolific and opinionated writer, Paul L. Cook. In that letter, he complains that there is no black...Since he sometimes signs his letters "The Rev." Paul L. Cook, performing these acts should be a special joy to him...
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Flawed government best

I believe our Founding Fathers were very wise in choosing our form of government.
You remembered: The Miller Theater

...during the fall, our parents would drop us off on Hale Street to spend the day at the Exchange Club Fair.? the Rev. Paul L. Cook I REMEMBER SEEING many presentations at the Miller in the 1940s. We were very fortunate to have such a nice theater...
1964 media missed vice presidential candidate Bill Miller's message

...from some wacko in the crowd because anyone could have shot him.I am thankful that he was not harmed.? The Rev. Paul L. Cook PENTHOUSE WAS AMAZINGI read the article in the Friday paper, with a smile on my face, about the Southern Finance Building...
Amend for term limits

When a congressional election rolls around, many people call for term limits, yet nothing ever happens.
Wars often are a sovereign necessity

Regarding the Rev. Paul L. Cook's letter "Most of our wars have been a sad waste" (June 17):He stated that "if America is going to continue to be a strong...
Cry for unborn babies, not their killers

...bring myself to do so with sincerity.I am speaking of Paul L. Cook -- a longtime and very vocal supporter of the slaughter...Again, perhaps I should pray: "God have mercy on Paul L. Cook." But then I wonder: Are the more than 50 million...
Don't use divisive diatribes as letters

...increased in frequency and outrageousness. The same week you published Mrs. Cook's letter, her husband, the Rev. Paul L. Cook, fired one off to (another publication). These two apparently are tag teaming to ensure their vitriolic, hateful...
Praises beauty of new expressway

...trees, beautiful birds and other wildlife. It is a pleasure to the eyes to drive along this highway, and I congratulate the Georgia Department of Transportation and the contractors who built it for a job well done. Paul L. Cook,Augusta
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