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Cleaning up Abu Ghraib

...the U.S. Army. "This is clearly a deviation from everything we've taught people on how to behave," said Gen. Paul Kern, who oversaw the latter probe. So far, only a handful of lower-ranking military police have been criminally charged...
Demand strains military suppliers

...becoming worried about its stockpile," said Loren Thompson, a defense analyst with the Lexington Institute. GEN. PAUL KERN, the Army's chief logistician, is in charge of the worrying. He said tread usage is five to 10 times as high as in...
Across the southeast

...Stryker's design uses wheels instead of the track common to tanks. Advances in technology allow the maneuverability of wheels without having to sacrifice the versatility of tracks while moving over different types of terrain, Gen. Paul Kern said.
Military communications evolve

...grew up in an Army where most of my work was done with a `stickie' on the map or a grease pencil," said Lt. Gen. Paul Kern, director of the Army Acquisition Corps. Now that technology deploys with soldiers, commanders -- no matter how far...
Pentagon scores hit in test of beleaguered anti-missile system

...declined to specify the altitude of the intercept except to say it was greater than 50 miles above earth. Lt. Gen. Paul Kern, chief military adviser to the assistant secretary of the Army for weapons development, said Thaad would be capable...
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Missile defense system tests fails for sixth time

...looking at backup plans just in case," Lyles said. The next THAAD flight test is scheduled for May. Army Lt. Gen. Paul Kern, a top official in the Army's research, development and acquisition agency, said he was more convinced than ever...
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