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Partial list victims

...Smith and Nephew - Albert Dominguez - Alex Filipov, 70, Concord, Mass. - Carol Flyzik, 40, Plaistow, N.H. - Paul Friedman - Karleton D.B. Fyfe, 31, Brookline, Mass., John Hancock - Peter Gay, 54, Tewksbury, Mass., Raytheon Co...
Federal judge approves $1.25 billion settlement in discrimination case by black farmers that each of their cases will now move toward a resolution" for that group.U.S. District Court Judge Paul Friedman wrote in an order approving the agreement that by waiving the statute of limitations, Congress has redressed "the...
Breaking news snafus leave ABC News on its heels

...experience in senior production jobs backing up Westin, a lawyer by training. Westin's highly respected top deputy, Paul Friedman, quit in mid-February. Westin hired former CNN President Rick Kaplan to oversee war coverage. Kaplan was once...
A list of the people killed or unaccounted for in Sept. 11 terrorist attacks

...electrical engineer and church deacon - Carol Flyzik, 40, Plaistow, N.H., marketing supervisor, Meditech - Paul Friedman, 45, Belmont, Mass., management consultant, Emergence Consulting - Karleton D.B. Fyfe, 31, Brookline, Mass...
Business briefs

...questioned whether federal officials had the power to promote the cards without Congress' approval. U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman earlier this month blocked the start of the program.
Partial list of people killed in Tuesday's terrorist attacks

...Concord, Mass. - Carol Flyzik, 40, Plaistow, N.H., medical computer equipment demonstrator for Meditech - Paul Friedman - Karleton D.B. Fyfe, 31, Brookline, Mass. - Peter Gay, 54, Tewksbury, Mass., Raytheon Co. - Linda George...
President's adviser fights to keep Drudge suit in capital

...District to have an effect on Sidney Blumenthal," said William McDaniel. Drudge's attorneys told U.S. Magistrate Paul Friedman that the cost of trying the case in Washington would be too high and that the Blumenthals' suit was backed by a...
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Helen Oscar

...James and her husband Jessie, Cathy Smith, and Pam Adams and her husband Mel; a grandmother to Joyce Pfennig and Paul Friedman, Larry and Renee Pfennig, Julie LaFan, Cheryl and Pat Sullivan, Ricky and Kim Nelson, Ryan Adams and Mark Adams...