North Augusta man charged in cop fight

...additional deputies were called to the scene.The report states Felder resisted arrest and "intentionally" kicked at the patrol car, breaking out a taillight. Felder continued to resist and had to be placed in leg irons and a second set of handcuffs...

Details offered in 2013 Aiken K-9 death

...Tuesday that an explosives-detecting dog named Cooper died June 7, 2013.Abdullah says the dog was inside a kennel in a patrol car. Abdullah says the handler, Special Operations Deputy James Taylor, generally kept the dog there during the day...

GBI probing fatal shooting by police in Savannah

...outstanding warrants and put him in a patrol car with his hands cuffed behind his...body and kick out a window of the patrol car, Lang said.Officers noticed that...had a gun when he tried exiting the patrol car and he was shot by an officer. A...

What Is It?

...had Frank Jr. climb in the trunk of his '63 Chevrolet patrol car, to avoid being seen by any members of the news media...the picture the leased Impala or the security guard's patrol car? But both were involved in the 'famous abduction...

SC deputy charged with running red light, causing wreck

...signal.Sheriff's Lt. Curtis Wilson says Proffitt was on duty at the time, but was not responding to a call when his patrol car hit another car at an intersection Friday night.Proffitt was treated for his injuries at a Columbia hospital. A woman...

Rants & Raves

...the individual has often fostered for years creating. So, instead do complaining about an unshaven officer or dirty patrol car, thank that man for working constantly, despite a lack of appreciation unlike any other profession receives.

Sky Arrow 600 plane helps Aiken County Sheriff's Office monitor crime from above

...police scanner, giving out tips to deputies on the ground before they ever arrive at a call.Even at high speeds in a patrol car, it can take substantially more time to arrive at a call than by plane. Schrade estimates he can leave the sheriff's...

Augusta Commission's Donnie Smith double-dipped during Masters Week, Georgia investigation finds

...told investigators he'd been on duty during most of the period, but drove his personal vehicle, leaving his State Patrol car at home in case the Department of Public Safety's Executive Protection Unit was to need it.The work he'd performed...

Sheriff's officers tell of trauma from having to shoot, kill

...walked him outside to talk. Garrison said he intended to check for active warrants then let him go.In the back of the patrol car, everything changed when Pao pulled a gun draped in a T-shirt from his backpack. There was a struggle before Garrison...

University patrol car picked up Azziz's children from school

...to reimburse the state $416 for the use of a marked patrol car and a university system shuttle bus to ferry guests from...Carter provided an invoice for the shuttle bus and patrol car, billing the groom, Brian Straessle, who is not a...