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Therapy dogs put on show for kids

...therapy dogs visiting the library was a little unusual. "We mostly go to hospitals, nursing homes and school," said Pat Roach, who brought her dachshund Peaches to the library. At hospitals and nursing homes, the dogs visit patients, she said...
Richmond Neighbors
Governors and state flag situation

...never vote for anyone named "Bubba" or "Sonny." Never say never! Former Gov. Roy Barnes simply did what the majority of his voters did not want - I guess he got their message. They told him he was not king! Pat Roach, Martinez, Ga.
Let Augusta raises go to the dogs

...reunited with their owners. But if that statistic is true, then I don't see how selling dog licenses would be at all profitable for them. What a sad commentary on residents' attitudes toward man's best friend. Pat Roach, Martinez, Ga.
Doesn't trust MCG oversight

...I doubt it. It's time Georgians sewed up the purse strings as it's our bucks goin' down the rat hole. Who cares? Could be we need a whole new oversight system; the current one doesn't seem to be doing much. Pat Roach, Martinez
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Just say `no' to stormwater fee

...have to do as we are told, again. Just say no. Can we? I can, if given the chance. Please be relentless in your endeavor to persevere. I do know how to vote against someone who is not acting in my best interest. Pat Roach, Martinez
Window art

Pat Roach of Martinez on Sunday looks at the stained glass art work of Joan Travis from Ohio while at the annual Christmas craft show, Christmas Made In The South, held at the Augusta-Richmond County Civic Center.
Claims Bragdon lacks compassion

Regarding (Pat Roach's March 11 letter) "`Just do right' by Animal Control": I agree with the author. Richmond County acts as if just because...
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`Just do right' by Animal Control

...there has waved a red flag. County residents should be outraged. Put the pressure on and get changes made. As someone outside the county, I know many who are watching and hoping someone will "just do the right thing." Pat Roach, Martinez
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