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Passover observance brings families together bitter herbs, matzo and charoset, Passover includes a small book, called the Haggadah...slavery through divine intervention. Passover will start at sundown Monday. Some Jews...Haggadah. He especially likes singing Passover songs from Eastern Europe and songs of...
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Celebrating Passover

With the beginning of Passover at sundown Monday, Jews all over the world will retell a sign to the angel to pass over them. It was the first Passover. Now, Passover is the most festive and celebratory of all Jewish holidays...
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Celebrating Passover

The Jewish feast of Passover is celebrated not in the synagogue...good on his promise to free them. Passover falls on Sunday, April 8. According...only unleavened bread can be used for Passover, according to tradition. The shemurah...
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A beautiful new home-ritual book for Passover

As Passover begins at sundown March 31, even Jews...Exodus, the binding of Isaac and the Passover ritual. The illuminations were done...The Prince of Egypt." The first Passover was marked by the Israelites in accordance...
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Children preparing for passover

Food is so often central to Passover celebrations that Chabad of Augusta...baking to its youngest members.No Passover preparations would be complete without...the eight-day Jewish festival of Passover, Rabbi Zalman Fischer said.A model...
Potato kugel is easy and creamy, for Passover and beyond

Preparing food for Passover meals can be a major preoccupation...foods to make their homes kosher for Passover. This directly affects the easy. Yogurt that's kosher for Passover is a simple ingredient that can be...
Passover: Tough on baking, perfect for pancakes

It would be fair to say that Passover is not a baking-friendly holiday.The use of flour and other...cup walnuts, coarsely chopped2 tablespoons butter or kosher for Passover margarine4 tablespoons brown sugar1 teaspoon cinnamon1 teaspoon...
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Rabbi to help others for Passover

ATLANTA --- At the root of the Jewish Passover holiday is a story of a destitute people's triumph -- the...a charity event this year. Today's "Pass it Forward for Passover" will offer seder to anyone who can't afford to host the...
Passover feast

Rabbi Jordan Parr (left) answers questions about the Torah for Louis Silverman at Congregation Children of Israel on Walton Way. About 45 people attended the community Seder, the Passover feast, on Thursday.
Site takes Passover Seder service global

Finding a Passover seder in New York City isn't too hard. But what if you're stuck in Indonesia or Ecuador for the holiday? Not to worry. As...
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