Speaker urges GRU grads to follow passions

It wasn't what she envisioned doing but by following her passions Jane Chen and her company are on the road to saving a million premature babies around the world, a path she would recommend to...

Hispanic TV celeb pops up on 'Passions'

...Saralegui has added her passionate flair to "Passions." The host of "The Cristina Show...for now) performance on July 25. "Passions," which is among the highest-rated...Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald, played by "Passions" star Lindsay Korman. Saralegui's...

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Pageant winner follows passions

...Ashley Foster believes her two passions in life led her to the Miss Augusta title Saturday. "I have a passion for medicine and a passion for dance," said Ms. Foster...Theatre thanks to her second passion. A dancer since the age of...

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Freedom from the press?

...Missouri journalism school, and issued a lukewarm apology ? somehow she managed to lose all her deepest anti-First-Amendment passions overnight ? but as of press time she'd kept her teaching job in the Missouri Department of Communication.Not good enough...

Juliet Mills is bewitching on 'Passions'

...darker side as the witch Tabitha Lenox in NBC's daytime soap "Passions." Tabitha used to cast her spells over the townsfolk of Harmony...Tabitha needed another young accomplice. The magic element in "Passions" allows for anything to happen, so Tabitha - who's 300...

Passions run deep between old rivals

...third-longest continuing streak in college football. There's so much passion that author and ESPN reporter Ivan Maisel called the game college football's...won, I understood the rivalry then," he said. "I understood the passions."

Museum celebrates artistic passions inspired by native plants

...artists photographed and painted delicate watercolors featuring the plant. Now, the Maryhill Museum of Art celebrates the passions inspired by native plants with an exhibit that includes study specimens from the Corps of Discovery, early 20th-century...

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Twenty-five years later, passions still strong on Southern Baptists' conservative takeover

...conservative leaders have pushed hard against abortion rights, homosexuality and women pastors. Twenty-five years later, passions remain strong on both sides when Baptists discuss the conservative takeover. If not for the 1979 meeting, Southern Baptists...

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Love, money feed collectors' passions

...how do you find them." Still, collectors indulging their passions run certain risks, said financial planner Carl von dem Bussche...clients and helps them catalog their cellars - to follow a passion for wine that had already led him to create a personal 7...

Gathering of missionaries shares goals and passions

...team leader. "We want them to share goals and missions and passions."Missionaries live with church members, sharing meals and...and you can just talk and talk for hours. They develop a passion for the things you're passionate about," Gonzales said...

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