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Google's insiders strike it rich with IPO

...graduate students. 1996 - Page and Brin create BackRub, a precursor to Google which analyzed links pointing to particular Web sites. 1998 - The pair try and fail to interest major Internet portals in their search technology. Sept. 7, 1998...
FBI plans massive search

...involved a technique known as "distributed denial of service" in which a small army of computers is used to bombard a particular Web site with so many requests for information that the site collapses under the load. Experts said the attacks probably...
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Election night coverage may never be the same

...staff John Podesta. Smith, who earlier in the year had tracked primaries on the Web, said he was monitoring a particular Web site, which he steadfastly refused to divulge. "I was showing him (Clinton) how to do it and then after a while...
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Microsoft releases patch to fix month-old security problem

...patches to fix similar flaws that would allow an attacker to infect a computer just by persuading a user to visit a particular Web site. Although the outbreak of this virus was somewhat mild, it had worried security experts because it showcased a...
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