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History in the making

...ever get it? Or is it that they simply don't want to get it? In most media outlets, reports of the Iraqi parliamentary election have been incredibly muted. Just so you don't miss its significance: This was a monumental, historic success...
Iraqi participation is the crucial question

...national elections. All that's needed now are voters. Participation is the crucial question in Sunday's parliamentary election, which the insurgents, mostly Sunni Arabs, have vowed to disrupt. Substantial Sunni turnout in the face of...
Unspectacular 'Spectacle' still has plenty to recommend it was the emergence of the South Sea Company and stockjobbers; in "Spectacle," it's a Westminster parliamentary election that pits the Tories against the Whigs - with the Jacobites lurking in the background, conspiring to take back...
Selling out their own people

...constitutional coup. Putin faced voters Sunday, but there were no surprises as his United Russia party swept the parliamentary election. Putin, whose term ends in March, manipulated the media and the political process to keep his supporters in...
Week in review

...The electoral commission barred 500 candidates -- believed to be mostly Sunni -- from running in March's parliamentary election, including a prominent Sunni lawmaker, in a decision that is sure to deepen Iraq's sectarian divides. ECONOMY...
Hamas must choose: peace or terror

The good news is the Palestinian people had a fair and open parliamentary election. The bad news is the wrong side won. Hamas' stunning victory this week in the Palestinian territories confirms fears by many...