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Emerging super weeds, hard-to-kill bugs alarm UGA researchers

...kill. Now parasitic worms that prey on livestock are becoming drug-resistant, too, according to University of Georgia parasitologist Ray Kaplan. Just as with bacteria, bugs and weeds, some worms have evolved through a process of natural selection - worms...
Possible new vaccine fights malaria throughout its life cycle

...Sciences. Just because the vaccine stimulates a rabbit's immune system doesn't mean it would work in people, cautioned parasitologist Anthony Holder of London's National Institute for Medical Research. The CDC hopes further testing in primates will prove...
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Scientists find new tick virus deadly. "If it does actually affect humans here, the potential for severe illness is there," said Sam Telford, a parasitologist at the Harvard School of Public Health, who wrote about the new virus in the April-June issue of the CDC's journal...