Barrow, Allen both target Obama in early TV ads

...other East Coast ports, is scrambling to deepen its harbor to make room for supersized cargo ships expected once the Panama Canal finishes a major expansion. The Savannah project was granted a federal permit in 2012, but Washington has yet to fund...

House-passed budget bills seeks to end delays starting $706M deepening of Savannah harbor

...Savannah is scrambling for deeper water to accommodate giant cargo ships expected to begin arriving via an expanded Panama Canal as soon as 2015. Savannah has the nation's fourth-busiest container port, handling nearly 3 million cargo containers...

Former Sen. Howard Baker Jr. famous for Watergate, dies at 88-years-old

...two seminal environmental laws: the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. Baker also supported the controversial Panama Canal Treaties, championed by Democratic President Jimmy Carter.Bipartisan Policy Center's Co-founder and former Senator...

After 40 years, Aiken veteran gets VA disability

...64-year-old Aiken veteran, that saying sums up the past four decades of his life.Since serving in South Korea and the Panama Canal as a military police officer from 1969 to 1973, he has suffered two strokes, needed a right knee replacement and developed...

Congress raises Savannah harbor price tag to $706 million

...Savannah is scrambling for deeper water to make room for supersized cargo ships expected to begin arriving via an expanded Panama Canal in 2015. The federal government gave final approval to dredging more than 30 miles of the Savannah River in 2012...

Congressmen seek House support for Savannah harbor

...imposed 15 years ago.Savannah has the fourth-busiest port for container cargo in the U.S. Savannah is scrambling to deepen its harbor to make room for supersized ships expected to arrive via an expanded Panama Canal as early as next year.

GOP Senate candidates debate port, flood insurance

...recent weeks that could delay construction from starting this year. Timing is critical because an expansion of the Panama Canal is expected to send supersized cargo ships to the East Coast as soon as 2015.But the two candidates running as Washington...

Working without a 'Net

...not since President Carter's 1977 giveaway of the Panama Canal ? another U.S.-envisioned, U.S.-financed...Obama equivalent of Carter's decision to give away the Panama Canal ? only with possibly much worse consequences."

No funding? Dig deeper

...containerized exports.But because cargo-ship builders are making the vessels larger ? because of an expansion of the Panama Canal ? Savannah will need to deepen its channel to remain competitive with ports in Baltimore and Norfolk, Va., the only...

Ga. not allowed to dredge harbor with state funds

...Deal's top economic development goal and the need for a deeper harbor to accommodate supersized ships grows as the Panama Canal gets closer to finishing a major expansion. The holdup stems from a sweeping water-project bill containing billions...